high window treatment

Window Treatments for Skylights and High Windows? It is Easier than You Think

high window treatmentInstalling skylights and high windows can add an amazing amount of natural light to your home. However, you may notice that these windows are harder to keep covered without some advance planning. By adding the right window treatments, from awnings to shutters in Malibu, you can enjoy the sunlight when you want, and easily deflect that light at other times.

Awnings and Shades

You will love the natural light that floods into your kitchen or bathroom from a skylight. That is, until it is very early in the morning and your home is brighter than you would like it to be. During the hot summer, skylights can also become a heat wave warming up your home. This is a great time to consider adding shades for skylights or retractable awnings for your high windows. These window treatments coordinate with your home décor and provide effective deflection of the sun’s light and heat at crucial points during the day.


High windows give your home an incredibly open feel, but they can be tricky to manage. For your Malibu home, shutters are a classic, elegant addition that can be easily opened and closed from below. There are many colors and styles to select from, and options in the direction and width of the louvers. For tall windows, add plantation shutters with long panels that can be opened and closed while you stand on the ground.


Some people worry that once they get their window treatments installed on skylights and high windows, they will be powerless to operate those shades, awnings and shutters in Malibu. Motorization is the key to simplifying window management. Motorization options include:

  • access by remote control
  • automatic lift technology
  • programmed lift times
  • solar sensors

You can also install shutters with louvers that are set to open and close with a click of a button. It even works for large windows and heavy window treatments.

Think of it: no more climbing on a rickety ladder to adjust window treatments. No more sweating in the heat of a skylight that you cannot close or block. Now you can encourage your windows to fill your home with sunlight, without having to suffer any drawbacks. With motorized window treatments, taking advantage of natural light is now in your hands.

deck privacy

Does Your Deck Need a Little Privacy? Get it by Motorized Awnings

When you build a deck, you plan for years of wonderful enjoyment outside on your property. You may not plan for the expectation of privacy, but sooner or later, you will realize that you need it. You also need a way to protect yourself from the heat and damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thankfully, you can stay comfortable and protect your privacy in your backyard with motorized awnings, shades and retractable canopies.

deck privacy

Motorized Awnings and Canopies

Picture it: you are enjoying the sun on your deck on a lovely Sunday morning. Within an hour or two, the heat is deep, penetrating and you feel totally exposed. What do you do? You do not have to pack up and go back inside. Instead, you can install canopy awnings to block the heat of the sun and give you that necessary shade. Does that seem like a lot of work? Most retractable awnings are easy to maneuver by hand. However, you can add motorization to your awnings and retractable canopies so that movement is as simple as the push of a button.

Do you have a deck or patio that is not attached to your house? Do you long for the privacy that walls and ceiling covers provide? Finding a great arrangement for your circumstances is not a problem at all. Retractable canopies are available for:

  • free-standing structures
  • porches
  • decks and patios that are attached to your home

This makes your deck perfect for large groups or small, private parties in the pleasant weather.


Awnings and canopies do an excellent job of providing you with protection from the sun, but they do not run in a vertical direction. You could plant bushes or trees, but they will take years to grow. To get the privacy you want from prying eyes right away, you need something fast. Roller shades can be easily moved up and down with the pull of a cable. They block out sun, wind and nosy people. If you add motorization capabilities, you can even program them to use solar sensors to expand and retract with the path of the sun.

Building a deck for your enjoyment was a wise decision. Now, you need to add the ability to keep your deck activities for your eyes only, and protect yourself from exposure to the elements.

Ocean-Front House Exterior Window Awning: Motorized or Manual?

If you are looking for a way to make an outdoor space in your ocean-front house more versatile and attractive in the summer, the best solution is to consider adding a good-quality awning. However, if you also want the ability to remove the awning, a retractable awning will do the job perfectly. Ocean-front homes have large windows to let in the sun and beach view, but the ideal spot to relax is outdoors under an awning in order to experience the ocean breeze and sun firsthand without burning up in the heat.

Retractable exterior window awnings

Retractable awnings in Los Angeles are available in two varieties–manual and motorized. Manual awnings have a hand-crank or handle for opening and closing. Motorized awnings have an automatic motor that drives the mechanism to open and close the awning and typically roll up at the touch of a button. There are good reasons to choose both types of awnings for your oceanside property. Here are some facts to help you decide.


Manual controls are designed to be user-friendly for people of all strengths and sizes for an exterior window awning. You don’t need to be the strong man from the circus to operate a manual retractable awning. Modern engineering and materials give manual controls balance and rust-resistance. They run without electricity if your power is out, and you need relief from the hot summer sun. Fewer mechanical problems crop up with manual operation because they are less complicated.

Manual units are also lower cost compared to motorized awnings. They cost less to purchase and to install. There is no need to hook up power to the unit which requires specialized labor and more time. Another feature is better vertical support which is not available on motorized units since they roll up.


If you are someone who likes automated systems, the motorized awning is a good bet. They are easy to operate and fun to use. Motorized units are quick to open and close and an excellent choice for disabled and elderly homeowners for exterior awnings in Los Angeles. Since motorized retractable awnings are easier to operate they are used more often than manual units, giving the homeowner a better return on their investment.

Motorized awnings are designed in a different way than manual units. A motorized awning has telescoping arms which retract and extend when closing or opening. This style is a clean-cut modern look which fits well with modern home-building exterior decor. They can be equipped with sensors to detect high winds to protect the integrity of the awning system in the case of summer storms. In bad weather, the awning will retract automatically and additional sun sensors will open it on sunny days. While they do cost more, you can save money on your energy bill when sun sensors open the awning cooling your home. Either awning will add to the resale value of your ocean-front home.

Protect Your Skin and Beat the Heat With Retractable Awnings

The spring is starting to heat up, and it is going to be a scorcher this year. You already know how uncomfortable it is to sit outside with the undiminished sun beating down on you. But, you may not fully realize the damage you do to your body when you bake in the heat, day after day. You might do well with a retractable awning in Ventura, to cut down on the heat, minimize sun damage and enjoy more time outside.

Awning Benefits

Everyone could use a little more outdoor space. At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we know how much people in Southern California enjoy their yards and gardens. We can make it easier with our retractable awnings. If you are disappointed in the way the sun is fading the upholstery on your patio furniture, you may be pleased to learn how easy it is to prevent it. Retractable awnings block the sun from burning you, your family and guests. But, they also protect your landscaping and outdoor furniture from excess exposure to the sun and heat.

Types of Awnings

Once you see how easy retractable awnings are to use, you will understand why our customers prefer them to fixed awnings. Fixed awnings only need to be set-up and taken down once a year, they do not offer you flexibility. If you wanted to sit in your patio chair and watch a meteor shower, you would instead see an awning. Retractable awnings make the choice very simple. With a retractable awning in Ventura, you can block the sun and its heat when you need it, and roll it back to have a better view of the sky.


These awnings are not like the ones you may have seen at your house as a child. The features we offer for our retractable awnings make them easy to manage, including:

  • colors
  • designs
  • operation

If you prefer, you can have manual operation on your awnings. Or, you can take advantage of our motorization options. Imagine being able to operate your awnings with a remote control. Even better, we can set up your awnings to move on a timer or with a solar sensor that moves them based on the position of the sun. Then, all you have to choose is the color and design that suits your style and landscaping. Your Arjay’s representative can go over all the features available and help you decide which options are best for your home and your needs.

This year, you need to have ways to beat the heat that do not include being stuck inside all day. With retractable awnings, you can stay cool, protect your skin, keep your patio furniture looking beautiful and make a fashion statement all at once. For assistance choosing the right retractable awning in Ventura, contact us at Arjay’s Window Fashions.

How Reliable Are Exterior Fabric Awnings?

When people set out to buy awnings for their yards, they want to find a material that they can trust to stand up to the weather and last for years to come. Since the material will be outside, it will be exposed to moisture, wind, and sun on a regular basis. Material that is not designed for the outdoors may start to deteriorate under these conditions. Buyers want to be confident that their awnings have been designed with these considerations in mind. Fortunately, recent changes within the industry have made fabric awnings much more reliable and able to last for years.

Awnings in the past

In years past, many exterior awnings were made from canvas. While this material was heavy and good at providing reliable shade for owners, this type of exterior window awning was also prone to developing mildew and mold from the regular exposure to moisture. When these awnings began to grow these unsightly problems, owners would have to remove them completely to scrub them clean with bleach or a similar powerful cleaner. This would be a frustrating and time consuming job. Canvas is known for being a material that mold and mildew easily grow on, and if the problem is not stopped from the beginning, it can quickly become difficult to get rid of and a terrible nuisance. Fortunately, in response to consumer demand and people looking to avoid these problems, other materials for awnings have become increasingly popular.

Common exterior awnings today

There are a variety of different types of synthetic fabrics used to create reliable awnings today. Some people looking for a fabric awning will be interested to know that there are now a variety of different options, including:

– Laminated plastic

– Acrylic

– Other synthetic fibers

The laminated plastic, for example, has been formulated to be resistant to mold and mildew while also standing up to regular weather patterns. Acrylic is a woven fabric that has been sealed between protective layers. These fabrics offer similar resistance to weather related problems. These various new synthetic fabrics stand up well to the outdoors while also offering homeowners the chance to add a bit of color and style to their homes. There is such a wide range of color and design options in a fabric awning that buyers should be able to find one that exactly suits their preferences and needs.

When it comes to selecting the perfect exterior awning for a home, customers want to find a material they can trust. Fortunately, the synthetic fibers used today are designed to provide exactly that sort of comfort. Those interested in learning more about their awning options should reach out and contact Arjay’s Window Fashions where a professional can help answer any questions.