Benefits of Venetian Blinds

The Versatility of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds were first brought to Venice and Paris from Persia in 1760, but because they became such an instant hit in Europe, most of the world has been referring to them as Venetian blinds ever since. Originally, all of these blinds were made from wood and were a popular way for upper class and nobility to control light and decorate their homes. They have even been featured in many paintings in the late 18th Century and beyond, including Edmund Charles Tarbell’s painting, “The Venetian Blind.”

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Blinds safe for childern

Lawmakers in California May Ban Window Blinds With Cords to Prevent any Future Child Deaths

The unfortunate child strangulation caused by window blind & shade cords could be reduced or eliminated by installing window products with motors or updated cord designs. Manufacturers of these traditional blinds have known that these cheaper, “old school” blinds can be dangerous, and have tried to offer suggestions on how to keep children safe. The most important thing that can be done to protect children is to provide treatments without cords. After-market suggestions like “lifting the cords out of a child’s reach with a clothes pin” have proven ineffective. One family still lost their child after following these directions because their son was tangled in the blind cords. This incident was seven years ago, and there has been awareness in the industry for more than 30 years.

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components of vertical blinds

A Guide to Owning and Maintaining Vertical Blinds

Why Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds come in a variety of materials and colors and are commonly used for large windows or doors in high traffic areas. There are plastic, metal, mirrored, vinyl and fabric vertical blinds. Regardless of the material, most of these blinds are made up of wide slats approximately 3 1/2 inches wide and are attached to a head rail and are controlled through a combination of a string or chain and a twistable wand that sit at the side of the window. There is an option to pull the blinds toward the outer edges of the window, much like curtains, or draw them closer together and maneuver the position of the slats to varying degrees in order to let in the desired amount of light or control the view. Light control can be especially important in sunny areas in Southern California, for example Malibu blinds are very popular.

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Single Cell Vs. Double cell shade

Choosing the Size and Style of Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds have become very popular due to their style and the fact that they have the ability to block not only light but also heat, cold, and sound. These blinds, commonly known as Honeycomb shades can help reduce utility bills and can increase the feeling of overall privacy in the home where they are installed. There are varying styles even within the cellular style and variances that include

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thanksgiving home decoration ideas

Top 5 Tips for Thanksgiving Home Decorations

thanksgiving home decoration ideas

Thanksgiving is time of joy and family gathering together to enjoy good food and each other. Every family has their own style of celebrating this holiday; some are more casual with a big concentration on football, while others find this to be a spiritual holiday. No matter how your family likes to celebrate, you want your home to be welcoming and at its best. Adding special decorations to your lovely home can put everyone in the mood to give thanks. Added decor can be as simple as darling salt and pepper shakers, a table centerpiece and special dishware. Or you can go further to update your window treatment in your dining room, reupholster furniture or get out Grandmother’s special tablecloth. Here are some suggestions on how you can spruce up your home this holiday season.

Cleaning and Preparation for Thanksgiving Home Decorations

Don’t leave all of your cleaning until the last minute. Take a week to thoroughly clean the public areas of the house that your guests will see. If the entire family chips in, you can get the work done quickly. If you live alone, hire a cleaning service to do the deep cleaning and you can do the surface cleaning before your event. You might as well save heavy duty carpet cleaning for after Thanksgiving, because you are bound to need it redone after the big meal.

Seasonal Decor

Many people switch out their decor in the fall, turning to the reds and gold that complement the season. You can pull out your heavier window treatments for your windows or replace your outer drapery and top treatment or swags reflecting the seasonal change. Other simple changes including seasonal kitchen towels, throw pillows for your couch and decor for your fireplace mantel are fun touches to add.


Sometimes having people over can give you the incentive to get larger projects done. You may want to replace furniture, have a room painted or even get blinds for your front windows. If you plan on making these types of renovations before Thanksgiving, allow yourself enough time to get them done and clean afterwards.

Thanksgiving dinner prepartion

Setting the Table

Whether you are serving buffet style or a sit down meal, having a lovely table setting for Thanksgiving makes everything taste that much better. There are so many cute salt and pepper shakers for Thanksgiving that you can place on the table. You can add a Thanksgiving themed tablecloth or put together a beautiful centerpiece to pull everything together. Add napkins or napkin holders that match your decor, and any other decorative platters or bowls to make the meal extra special. Everyone will enjoy the adorable decorations when they sit down and eat.

Enjoying the Day

The best thing about Thanksgiving is how you can relax and enjoy the day with your family. Kicking back and watching the parade in your pajamas or watching football together is a lot of fun for everyone. For more holiday decorating ideas, contact Arjay’s Window Treatment.