DIY Curtain decoration

10 Quick and Easy DIY Curtain Ideas

When you’re designing your spaces, being creative is usually at the top of the list. While there are a number of things you can do to be inventive, identifying the objects that will make the most impact is key. In many areas, the window treatment is the first thing people notice.

What is so special about a window treatment?

DIY Curtain decorationWindow treatments add a special zing to any room or space because they are available in different colors, textures and can add overall appeal. Know how to be versatile using a variety of items you already own can help you save money while creating beautiful treatments. Here are a few ideas:

  • Adding the Bling

Blingy bracelets aren’t just for your wrists. Try adding a beautiful bracelet to your curtain as a holder and you’ll have created a new concept that’s beautiful and unique.

  • Loving Nature

Who said nature couldn’t be a part of your window scheme. Using a branch as part of your curtain rod adds variety and helps you make a positive environmental footprint.

  • Man Mania

If you’re into menswear, then using a tie as a holder for your curtain shouldn’t be an issue. Ties are colorful and can add a whimsical touch to your décor.

  • Sail Away

Just like a branch, you can use a cute nautical rope and knot to hold your curtains in place. Decked out in nautical blue, you’ll have a new conversation piece.

  • The Beltway

Using a nice leather or colorful belt around the curtain adds a touch of fashion and inventiveness to your space. This works very well with patterned curtains.

  • Golf, anyone?

Don’t let your significant other throw those golf clubs out! There’s so much you can do with them. Use a golf club as a curtain rod. You’ll have your own miniature course where you can yell “Fore!”

  • Nice Necklaces

Using a beaded necklace around your curtain creates a statement piece that is practical and useful. If you aren’t using them, now’s the time to put them to good use.

  • Measure it Up

Yard sticks can be used as a curtain rod to add charm and humor to your window treatment.

  • Design Time

Using cute objects for curtain rod knobs is ingenious. Baseballs, candleholders and other small items can add a decorative touch while fulfilling your needs.

  • Toys

You don’t have to throw away all those cute blocks and other toys when your kids grow up. Using those in a creative way will add spice to your curtain rod that will continue to be a part of the home, even when the kids are gone.

 Windows are a wonderful way to do this. For more window treatment Thousand Oaks ideas, consult a design professional.