Are Your Window Coverings Child-Safe?


When you have little ones, your entire home becomes a danger zone. From outlets to stairs to sharp corners, there are many different ways for them to get into trouble. At Arjay’s, we understand how important your child’s safety is, and we work hard to bring beauty and practicality to every home utilizing our window treatments, and child safety is central to that mission. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics and comfort for safety; when you work with the team at Arjay’s, you get the best of both worlds. We’ve touched on child safety around window coverings before, but we wanted to refresh you on it.

Can You Improve Your Current Window Treatments?

When you take the time to look at your blinds, there are some things you should look for. Some companies include safety features, and others don’t. There are a few features you need to specifically look for.

  • The inner cord: Reach between the slats and take the cord that travels up the center of them. Give it a pull and see if you can pull it out.
  • The pull cords: Some blinds have pull cords that you pull individually to angle the slats either way. Additionally, sometimes the cords you use to lower and raise the blinds come together to make a loop.
    • If there is a loop, check if it has a plastic “tassel” at the end. If it does have a tassel, examine it to see if it will easily come apart and open the loop. You want it to come apart, because that means if a child pulls on it, it will simply come apart rather than providing an opportunity for the child to hurt him or herself.
  • The continuous loop: If your blinds have a continuous loop for lowering and raising them, determine if it hangs freely or not. Some loops are secured to the wall and some aren’t. The loop is by far the most dangerous feature of blinds, and should have most of your attention.

Though updating your current window treatments is an option, it’s usually just a better idea to get improved ones. This is especially true if your blinds have continuous loops or are outdated. Old designs can only be child-proofed so far, and this may be the perfect opportunity to refresh your home with new window treatments. They are a lot like new paint: they completely change the look of a room.

Arjay’s is proud to be California’s premier window treatment company. We work hard every day to stay on the cutting edge of window coverings, which empowers us to offer solutions that are otherwise difficult to find. Our design team is passionate about meeting your every need, whether that be aesthetics, energy savings, privacy, or all of the above. When you work with us, you don’t have to sacrifice some features for others; we know how to deliver it all. When you need window treatments that will stand the test of time, contact Arjay’s. We are ready to deliver motorized blinds and beyond.