Got Little Ones? Look Into Childproofing Those Custom Blinds


High-quality, custom blinds from the team at Arjay’s are something to be treasured. While great window coverings don’t tend to be particularly cheap, the well-being and livelihood of your kids is downright priceless. It would make sense, then, that you protect your custom blinds from being damaged as well as your children from being injured. While it seems strange and almost counterintuitive, most life threatening accidents tend to occur inside of the household, and this is even more true for young children.

Safety And Quality Come First At Arjay’s Window Fashions

Sure, no one probably thinks of window covering installation and custom blinds fitting as a particularly dangerous enterprise – we understand. But even the latest blind technology may present some potential hazards to those little ones who get overly adventurous when they’re left unattended for even a moment. That’s why we’re dedicating today’s blog post to various tips and ways to childproof your window shades and blinds – especially expensive, high-quality custom blinds.

For all of your quality interior and exterior window covering needs in Southern California, you and your family can trust the team at Arjay’s Window Fashions to take care of you. We’ve worked with customers throughout countless years to find a custom blind solution that works for the size of your windows as well as the size of your budget. To learn more about our tight-knit business that really cares, visit here. Now, let’s learn about how to safely cover your windows with little kids in the house.


Corded Blinds

Generally speaking, out of all of the options for window coverings, corded blinds represent the most danger. If you have not yet changed your corded blinds to safely accommodate for your young ones, you might want to look into it to make sure that none of the potential following accidents occur (though extremely unlikely, they are possible). After all, these scenarios are reported from The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • A child’s neck can get caught between the exposed inner cord and the fabric on the backside of a blind.
  • A child can pull the cord out or down and accidentally wrap it around his or her neck.
  • In roll-up blinds, the lifting loop mechanism can slide off the side of the blind, in which a child’s neck can become entangled on the free-standing loop.
  • A child can also place their neck between the lifting loop and the roll-up blind material.

Safety Tips From The CPSC And The Window Covering Safety Council

In order to maintain damage-free custom blinds, and more importantly, protect your children from getting hurt or injuring themselves, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and The Window Covering Safety Council recommend following these guidelines and tips to keep things safe:

  • Make sure to thoroughly examine all shades and blinds in the home and to make sure that there are no accessible cords on the front, side, or back of your window fittings.
  • Do NOT place any cribs, beds, or furniture close to any windows, because children can climb on them and gain access to the cords.
  • Ideally, use only cordless window coverings in all homes where there are children or children are visiting.
  • When lowering horizontal coverings or shades, lock the cords into position in order to prevent inner-cord hazards.
  • If the window shade has looped bead chains or nylon cords, consider installing tension devices to help keep the cord taut.
  • Ensure that all loose cords are inaccessible and keep all window cords out of the reach of children at all times. If you have tasseled your pull cords so that they’re shorter, you should also make sure that they’re as short as possible.
  • Permanently anchor any continuous-loop cords to the floor or the wall.

Remember, it is always the best practice to take precautionary measures. You don’t want a freak accident occurring to either your custom blinds or of course, your children. Safety first!

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