Dark drapery in Santa Barbara

Dark Drapery: Energy Efficiency and Beauty, All in One for your Santa Barbara Home

You want window treatments that make a bold statement about your home and your personality. The trouble is, which window fashions are ideal for your needs? You may be surprised to learn that dark drapery in Santa Barbara is exceptionally helpful to you in keeping your home stylish, as well as comfortable. You can even save some money on your energy bills, by using your drapes in the right way.

Drapery in Santa BarbaraHeat Resistant

Drapery is about so much more than just fashion. Experts say that using dark drapes or curtains in Santa Barbara can help block the sun’s heat from filtering into the home. With the right drapery in Santa Barbara, you can reduce heat gain in your home during our hot summer months. Drapes with reflective backing are most useful in keeping your home cool. All you have to do is open your windows in the cool morning. After a few hours, close the windows and the curtains, to provide effective protection from ultraviolet rays.

Energy Efficient

Dark curtains in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks are also useful tools in keeping utility costs down during the winter. We do not have the worst winters ever, but in our heavily populated region, energy efficiency is important. During the colder seasons, you should be worried about heat loss, the process of losing heat from your home. Heat loss occurs primarily through your windows and doors. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that when you add drapery in Santa Barbara in dark or medium colors, you can minimize your heat loss by as much as 10 percent.

Engaging Styles

All this talk of energy consumption and saving might make you worry that dark drapes in Santa Barbara are simply efficient, not exciting. Worry no longer, for the color of your drapes can fulfill your darkest dreams for your home décor. Dark curtains in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks make a fashion statement. They catch the eye when you or guests walk into the room. Select:

  • patterns
  • styles
  • colors

To make the drapes the focal point of the room, with coordinating colors to match your walls and furniture.

Imagine cascades of loveliness coming down in front of your windows. Dark drapery in Santa Barbara can improve your home’s efficiency, while it looks great and makes you more comfortable.