Plantation shutter

Eco-Friendly Wood Shutters Are Stylish for Local Windows

Shutters have been a traditionally good choice for window coverings: They’re sturdy, serviceable and complement many interior styles. They filter light effectively, can be adjusted depending on personal preferences, fit nicely in various windows and have a sleek, efficient appearance. Half shutters evoke a casual style or provide screening from a less than wonderful view. Plantation shutters are elegant, cover doors as well as windows, and are sometimes made as entire walls that fold or slide out of view as necessary. Shutters are paired with fabric side panels or draperies in formal or period settings.

However, fine wood custom shutters can also be costly.

Plantation shutter

Today, even though numerous options exist for window coverings, wood shutters are among the most popular. The good news is that today’s shutters are also trendy, adaptable and budget-friendly choices. From plantation shutters that recall the romance of bygone eras to modern narrow-slat shutters fashioned out of bamboo, or brightly painted choices that enliven a whole room, contemporary wood shutters are still sturdy, reliable and stylish in a home or business setting. They are an eco-conscious, sustainable choice as well.

If you are just beginning to explore the world of window fashions, you have probably encountered a wide variety of options in terms of style, materials, lasting value and overall cost. Today’s world of design can be difficult to navigate. Even though there are many paths available, a modern version of perennially popular wood shutters can offer you the best of all worlds in terms of good looks, design, function and lasting value.

Look Carefully, Choose Wisely

Look for wood blinds from companies that confirm the wood used is harvested from sustainable forests. No matter what style shutter you prefer, you can find blinds that are manufactured responsibly. North American forestry operations often are justifiably proud of their efforts to replant, encouraging new tree growth rather than depleting natural resources.

Four popular wood choices are:

  • Cedar Wood Shutters

    : Often used to create a rustic look, cedar is resistant to decay and bugs and can withstand exposure to the elements. One disadvantage is that it is a soft wood and will scratch easily.

  • Maple Wood Shutters

    : The standard wood for traditional shutters, it is strong, weather-resistant, stands up to heavy use, is good for wider slat shutters, and accepts paint and stain readily.

  • Basswood Wood Shutters

    : Another good hardwood, it is not as durable as maple, and style choices are more limited. It is suitable, though for either staining or painting.

  • Bamboo Wood Shutters

    : Not really a wood, but a very good choice because of its sustainability, good looks and durability. Suitable for relaxed and casual rooms, bamboo is best used in its natural state, or stained simply.

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