How are Single Cell and Double Cellular Shades Different?

singledoublecell-001Are you looking for window treatments that combine aesthetics and practicality in equal measure? You’ll probably love cellular shades. If you ever have to choose between slats and cells, go for the cells unless you need the aesthetics of slats. Why?

Cellular Shades Can Do Both

  • You can identify cellular shades by looking at the profile. They look like honeycombs.  They come in two forms: single and double. Single-celled shades are a series of cells stacked in series. Double-celled shades feature pairs of cells stacked in a sturdy configuration.
  • From the front or back, cellular shades are a series of horizontal lines that are great to work with. They come in many different colors and can be installed to raise from the bottom, top, or both. They have the lines to enhance any room, and their cellular construction provides incredible insulation.

What Are the Main Advantages of Cellular Shades?

As we have said, they look amazing. We’ve talked about the way window treatments can transform rooms; these add a touch of quality that brings any space up a notch. Additionally, their cells allow them to protect a space from dramatic temperature fluctuations due to lack of insulation.

Are There Differences Between Double and Single Cell Shades?

  • Single cell shades mostly contribute to aesthetics. They are uniquely equipped to do this in that they come in all different sizes. Double cell shades usually only come in one size.
  • Double cell shades cost more than single cell shades, but they offer higher insulation, which means protection from sun damage.

I Want Custom Shades. Is That Possible?

Absolutely. Cellular shades come in many different colors and can be motorized or designed to be raised and lowered from the top and bottom. They are some of the most dynamic, effective window coverings you can find, and with the help of a designer, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your home.

At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we have worked with cellular blinds for decades. We love offering them to our clients as beautiful options. However, we always put our clients’ interests first, and that is what has made us a favorite window fashion company in Southern California. When you live where we do, window treatments aren’t an option, but their beauty is. Don’t settle for window treatments that don’t protect your home and enhance its value. Instead, invest in your home by equipping it with world-class window treatments from Arjay’s Window Fashions!