Child Proofing Blinds

How to Child-Proof Blinds – Part 1


Anyone with kids knows how difficult child-proofing can be. You find yourself looking at your home with entirely new eyes and constantly wondering what dangerous feature you’ve failed to amend. You’ll probably pore over internet lists and get advice from friends – and still feel unsure you’ve done an adequate job. The good news is, your window coverings are easy to cross off the list. At Arjay’s, we love providing child-friendly solutions to parents, grandparents, and other relatives. We fully understand the danger window coverings present, and we consider it a privilege to play a role in any child’s safety.

There is always a chance that you already have child-safe window treatments and you didn’t know it. In our last blog, we provided you some insights for assessing your current coverings. This includes examining the inner cords and pull cords of blinds to make sure they don’t present a threat to a child. If your inspection reveals the need for safety measures, you’re reading the right blog post! Today, we are going to take a look at several easy solutions that we can help you implement. As you will see, almost all of them target the loops of cord that are so dangerous to little ones. Read up to see which one makes the most sense for your situation.

Child-Proofing Your Current Window Blinds

Loop Solution 1: Create Separate Cords with Individual Tassels

  • When we say “tassel,” we’re talking about the thimble-like piece at the end of the pull cord. It makes the cord easier to grasp. If you look up the cord, chances are good you’ll see another piece of plastic; this is called an equalizer cleat, and its job is to keep the cords together near the top. Now, if you remove the tassel and find an unbroken loop of cord, the following solution may be for you.
  • Lower the blind all the way. Cut the cord(s) as close to the top of the blind as you can. Take the equalizer cleat off. Lastly, install a two new tassels – one at the end of each separate pull cord. Make sure you get professional help with this solution. It isn’t always recommended, as it can make it difficult to raise and lower the blind evenly.dreamstime_xxl_20923739

Loop Solution 2: Add Cord Cleats

  • “Cord cleats” are not to be confused with “equalizer cleats.” A cord cleat functions a lot like a dock cleat. It’s a two-sided hook designed to be wrapped in a cord. You can install small cleats beside the blinds, out of the reach of children. Each time you raise or lower the blind, you’ll finish by wrapping the excess cord around the cleat.
  • This solution can work, but when you’re in a hurry, it isn’t as effective. All it takes is forgetting to wrap the cord around the cleat once to have something go wrong. If you want to use a cleat, we suggest you install a safety tassel, which we will discuss in our next blog!

At Arjay’s, we specialize in providing world-class window treatments. Whether you need some outdoor blinds to reduce solar damage inside your home or you need child-proof blinds you can trust, turn to us!