How to Use Solar Screen Roller Shades?

If you’ve been in search of a window covering that does a good job at protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun while at the same time letting you see the outdoors, then solar screen roller shades will serve as an excellent solution. Although these shades were first manufactured with the intention of them being used in commercial settings, they work perfectly in residential homes as well. Roller shades are available in three basic options — 3%, 5% and 10%. These percentages are based on how far the shades open to let light through. During the daytime, the shades block out harmful UV rays but at the same time let you see the outdoors if you choose to keep them open.

The easiest way to use solar screen roller shades is via a remote, however, you will have to make sure the ones you install are motorized. There are even some of these shades that come with the option to install an app on your smartphone or tablet that controls the shades. For the most control over these shades, it’s suggested that you install solar screen roller shades that come with a clutch roller. The clutch roller enables you to stop the shades at any point, meaning you can allow as much light through as you want, or keep out as much light as you want too.

If you have a modernized home that you control via apps, then you’ll obviously want to install shades that are compatible. The shades themselves will be powered one of two ways — either by being hard-wired into your electrical system or by batteries. It’s up to your exact preferences as to which type of solar screen roller shades will work best in your home.