What Are The Best Rooms To Install Motorized Blinds?


Do you live to upgrade your phone to the latest and greatest model, and can’t wait until all your appliances control themselves? If so, it might surprise you to know that blinds and window shades now come in advanced varieties that make it even easier to control the natural light and climate inside your home.

Interior blinds and exterior shades can now be equipped with motorized functions that allow you to say goodbye to drawstrings and tilt gear wands (those strange twisty-sticks that hang down from some types of blinds) forever!

Types Of Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds typically come in one of three power varieties, and are controlled via a handy remote.

  • Battery-Powered Motors – These are generally the least expensive of all the motorized blind options, and they eliminate the need for wiring installation or unsightly cords plugged into the wall. Most motorized blind remotes last for at least a few years before you need to change the battery, and some can even be recharged using solar power!
  • Plug And Play Motors – These motorized blinds plug into your normal electrical outlet, so you can use them at all times without having to worry about batteries being low or dead. The power cord is typically thin and easy to hide behind drapes, side panels, top treatments, furniture, or along the window’s frame.
  • Wired Motors – These motorized blinds eliminate both the need for batteries and unsightly cords by tapping directly into your home’s power supply. However, these blinds are typically the most expensive to install because it involves hiring a professional electrician for the wiring.

At the touch of a button, the blinds can be told to open or close, raise or lower, depending on your lighting needs for the room at that particular moment!

In Which Rooms Are Motorized Blinds The Most Convenient?

The whole purpose of motorized blinds and shades is to make it easier to control the light and temperature of a room without having to mess around with cords, wands, or climbing over furniture to reach blinds in crowded areas of your home. Here are the rooms in which the Arjay’s Team thinks motorized blinds make the most sense: dreamstime_xxl_53809450

Home Theater/Media Room – It’s the same story every time you want to watch a movie or football game in the middle of the afternoon: You’ve got to spend five minutes adjusting the blinds on every window in the room to eliminate the glare on your flat screen TV. With motorized blinds, these adjustments take half a second, and only require one person.

Bedroom – Having trouble getting up in the morning? Love naps, but can’t find a way to block out the light so you can sleep? Motorized blinds in the master bedroom is a great way to control your window treatments without having to get out from under the covers.

Foyer – Windows are a great way to let light into your entryway, but you don’t necessarily want people to be able to see what’s going on behind closed doors. Motorized blinds in your foyer allow you to have greater control over your privacy.

Rooms with Cathedral Ceilings – Cathedral ceilings are great, until you’re desperately searching for a way to block the light and heat that’s flowing into your home 20 feet above the ground. Installing motorized blinds make it easy to moderate the light in rooms with vaulted ceilings without fetching a ladder.

Arjay’s Window Fashions Carries Many Types Of Motorized Blinds

If you’re interested in installing motorized blinds in any of the aforementioned rooms, be sure to contact Arjay’s in Ventura. Our experienced team can show you how each type of blind operates and help you customize your selection for the exact room you have in mind.