Why Add Window Shutters to Your Home’s Exterior

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window treatments that can be added to the interior of a home, but long before they were used on the interior of homes, they were used on the exterior. Arjay’s Window Fashions has specialized in window fashions for years, so we’ve seen the transition of shutters going from the exterior to the interior, and while we are all about the way they look on the inside, we also love the classic look of window shutters on the exterior of a home. There are a few reasons that we love them, and we’re going to go over them with you today. That way, if you’ve been on the fence about them, you can have a better idea of what it is you’ll get out of them.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are purchasing a new home or selling yours, then you might be considering the exterior aesthetic. This is something that is often one of the main selling points, so it is a great thing to invest your finances in. These can be added to as many, or as few, levels as you’d like. Whether you only want them on the windows that are on the second level of your home, or you would like them on all of them, window shutters can add a classic look to any home.

Color Scheme

When you create the color scheme of your home, and you choose the color duo, or trio, that you’re going to make the most of, it can be fun to add touches of other colors in places other than the trim. If you want to incorporate more of the other colors that you’ve selected, doing so in the form of window shutters is a great way. This is a subtle way to make the most of your color scheme that is also a fantastic addition to the exterior of your home. When you do so, you’re almost double dipping in the advantages of making your home more beautiful, which is a win in the end.

Body & Texture

These aren’t always things that we think about when we think about the exterior of our home, but the truth is that they both offer something that can make a home all the more “you”. Window shutters are pretty simple but they contribute a lot of texture and can make a home look entirely different. These types of touches can create a home that looks bigger, taller, longer, all with the small touch of a window treatment, which makes it a great reason to add this type of fashion if you’re trying to sell a house, or spruce up your own.

Arjay’s Window Fashions can provide you with the window shutters that you need. Call our team to set up an appointment and we can provide you with a consultation on your window shutters. Don’t wait any longer, we can provide you with a quick and easy quote so that you can get the project started immediately.


The Latest Trends in Outdoor Blinds


Your outdoor space is your oasis. When you get home after a long day, you love being able to sit in the shade of your patio, enjoying the sight of your kids playing in the backyard as you enjoy a cold beverage. It’s where you entertain your guests on those warm summer evenings, and where you and your family enjoy backyard birthday BBQs. However, if you have had the same outdoor blinds for a while, your outdoor space may be feeling a bit stale these days. Whether your outdoor blinds are dated or damaged, this is the perfect opportunity to liven up your space with a new set. At Arjay’s, we offer outdoor blind installation to our customers in southern California. If you are looking for a new way to add beauty and practicality to your outdoor space, here are some outdoor trends that are quite popular at the moment.

A Natural Look

When you spend time outdoors, one of the benefits is your view of the lovely flowers and greenery in your backyard. If you love the color and beauty of these plants, you want to make sure your outdoor blinds allow you to see them. Why not take this a step further and include plants inside the blinds? Incorporating potted plants inside patios is a new trend that benefits from outdoor blinds. The enclosed space creates the feel of a greenhouse without the humidity, separating you from the elements while still allowing you the feel of sitting in a gorgeous garden. As an added bonus, your outdoor blinds give you the ability to protect your plants. Whether during a heat wave or a hurricane, when you invest in outdoor blinds to protect your plant-filled patio, you have greater control over your verdant paradise.

Open Up to the World

While outdoor blinds are a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors without the sun exposure, many people miss the ability to see out into the backyard and beyond when they draw down their opaque or colored blinds. This season, the latest trend is to solve this problem with transparent blinds. While these outdoor blinds block out bugs, inclement weather, and 90 percent of UV rays, you are able to see through them so you can enjoy nature unobstructed. Relax in your shady oasis, free of pests or blinding sunlight, without compromising on seeing everything you wish to see.

Lighten Up Your Space

When you place patio furniture outdoors, you have to be careful about your color selection. While white wicker is popular for outdoor furniture, this attractive option also requires far more maintenance than darker furniture. This why many people forgo the light colored patio furniture they desire for the easier to clean or more practical darker colors on the spectrum. However, with outdoor blinds to protect your patio furniture from the elements, you can choose whatever color you wish. This has started a trend of choosing lighter patio furniture as well as colorful area rugs, giving an outdoor space a homier feel. With outdoor blinds, you can furnish your outdoor space any way you wish without worrying about dirt, dust, and rain causing damage to your belongings.

Roll it on Up

This season, it is all about versatility when it comes to your outdoor space. This season, more and more people are catching onto the flexibility of outdoor roller shades for their patios, and it isn’t hard to understand why this trend caught on. Regardless of how you use your outdoor space, sometimes, you may wish for an enclosed space; other times, you may want to open it up, allowing a soft breeze to come through. When you are looking for greater versatility for your outdoor space, roller shades offer a refreshing and innovative option. This outdoor blind trend is perfect if you are looking for the simplest way to adapt your outdoor space to your specifications at a moment’s notice.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your outdoor space? At Arjay’s, we are happy to provide you with the outdoor blinds you need to transform your outdoor space from your vision to your reality. Contact us today to learn more about our installation services and what products we can offer you.

It’s Still Summer: Stay Cool With The Right Exterior Shading Solutions


While many people seem to be transitioning to fall and pumpkin spice-flavored everything already (and for good reason, it’s been a scorcher of a summer thus far), what they’re forgetting is that it’s still summer out – all the way through September 20th, according to the calendar. This means that the sun’s rays are still pretty intense, and it’s worth investing in some nice exterior shade solutions so that you can be comfortable in your home, around your home, and in your backyard for the next couple of months.

Arjay’s Has You Covered – Literally!

By providing a full range of exterior shading devices and outdoor blinds, Arjay’s Window Fashions can work with the outside of your home just as much as we can with interior window coverings. Exterior shading not only provides the best option on the market when you’re trying to control solar heat through glass, but exterior shades can also increase the livable space in your home by adding shade and protection to your patios. Things like roller shades or roller screens are fantastic ways to make your porticos more comfortable by adding shade for those hot summer days and insect protection for those muggy summer nights.

You might be wondering what else we offer at Arjay’s Window Fashions that will help the exterior of your home beat the heat. We’ll continue looking at a few more exterior shade solutions that will not only help you save significant amounts of money on your energy bill but also make the outside areas of your home a more pleasant place to spend time in.


Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings provide certain advantages over fixed awnings because they can be deployed in a way that allows sunlight to access windows and patios (that is, if that’s your desire). Additionally, retractable awnings are nice because they’ll eliminate solar heat when it is unwanted. While many retractable awnings tend to be manually operated, motorized retractable awnings are available from Arjay’s that offers the ultimate convenience for exterior shading solutions.

Exterior Rolling Shutters

If you’re looking for a lot of control in the way of solar and thermal input, then exterior rolling shutters present a sensible option for you. These type of window coverings will roll up and down alongside channels and are also concealed within a headbox that go over the openings of the shutters when they are rolled up.

To help with optimal thermal performance, the aluminum sections that travel along the channels of the rolling shutters are actually injected with a type of insulation. This insulation also adds to the overall mass of your shutters, thereby enhancing sound reduction and thus giving your property just a little more privacy.

Exterior Zipper Channel Roller Shades

These type of shades offer great protection not only in the way of sun protection but also for bug protection during the day and the night. Similar to our cable-guided roller shades, Arjay’s zipper channel shades will remain taut and fixed when they’re windblown. Plus, due to the fact that the leading edges of the material are concealed within the channel on each side, this eliminates any opportunity for those pesky insects to enter through the gaps in the material of the shades. This makes our zipper channel roller shades bug proof, which is a really nice feature to have during the summer where insects are at their peak population and activity.

Make Your Home A Place Worth Spending Time!

Investing in the right window covering solutions for exterior shade are worth it because they’ll make your home and property a more comfortable place to be around. And besides, your home is somewhere that you’ve invested a lot of time and money into making it your own, so why not beat the heat for the remainder of this hot summer and actually enjoy the time in your backyard? To get in touch with your friendly exterior shade and outdoor blind specialists here at Arjay’s Window Fashions, click here!  

Exterior Shading in Los Angeles

Reasons to Consider Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

exterior1When people think about window treatments they immediately think about what they would be installing inside of their home, but there are window treatments that go on the outside of your house that will provide plenty of benefits to the interior and exterior of your home. At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we have a wide selection of outdoor blinds that we love being able to provide and show off to individuals that will benefit from them. Here are a few of the times where installing outdoor blinds is a great idea.

Conserve Energy

The same way that blinds minimize the heat that enters your home, outdoor blinds can help conserve energy by blocking the sun. With exterior blinds, the heat from the sun doesn’t even have the opportunity to touch the window. Because of that, the rooms of your home block the hot temperatures from outside, which in turn conserves energy. With the hot temperatures that we’re exposed to here in Ventura, having outdoor blinds is something that could provide you with higher levels of energy consumption, and might be worth considering if your home gets quite a bit of sunshine.

Add Exterior Appeal

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or you’re just looking to add to the outdoor appeal of your home, outdoor blinds are a great way to boost overall exterior appeal. With the variety of styles that we offer and the different types of material that you can use, there are plenty of opportunities to find a look that works well with your home. If you have a specific color that you’d like to find outdoor blinds in, or a specific texture or material, we can do our best to find the materials that you need to find the perfect addition to the exterior of your home.

Additional Privacy

Having window treatments in the interior of your home is one thing, but the amount of privacy that outdoor blinds provide is an entirely different level. With the roller blinds that you can have installed on the exterior of your windows, you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to peek through the cracks. While the sun does come through when it gets extremely light out, there won’t be any way that people can see into your home, which provides you with the ultimate amount of privacy.

Prevent Glare

One of the reasons that we install window treatments is because they reduce glare. The only downside is that these treatments can reduce sunlight as a whole, which doesn’t allow for us to make the most of the natural light within our home. With outdoor blinds, you can reduce the glare that is such a pain, but you can still enjoy the natural light that is coming in from other sides of your home or that shines through the material, depending on what type of material you choose for your outdoor blinds.

When you’re looking for high-quality outdoor blinds for your home, you can count on Arjay’s Window Fashions to have something for all. Stop in to our showroom in Ventura and browse all of the various styles that we have. Our team can provide you with as much guidance as needed and direct you to the options that cater to your needs.

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space


One thing on a lot of homeowners’ wish lists is a great outdoor living space. Creating an outdoor living area helps expand the usable square footage of your home without an expensive expansion. It can be used as a living room, a kitchen, a playroom, or just a quiet space to unwind at the end of the day. If you’ve been dreaming about an outdoor living space for your home, we have tips to help bring that dream to life. Check out our how-to guide to creating a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family.

Start with a good foundation.

Whether you have a concrete slab or use pavers to create a patio, you need to make sure you have a solid foundation for your space. This will make the area more comfortable, with level areas for furniture and space for you to spread out. If you don’t have a foundation currently in place, you can talk to a local contractor about doing it for you. Pouring a concrete slab is relatively inexpensive and makes a great starting point. You can also look into options like decking and pavers if you want something a little nicer.

Add some comfortable seating.

Seating is key for your outdoor space. Whether you want to use it as a kitchen, a play room, or even an outdoor movie theater, you’ll need great seating. Look for furniture that’s weather resistant and can stand up to moisture (you don’t want to be covering everything whenever it rains!). Seating should be comfortable but not too big for the space that you have. A lot of outdoor furniture comes with hidden storage, too, which is a great way to tuck away toys and other pieces that end up outside.

Hang your outdoor blinds.

Arjay’s has a variety of outdoor blinds that are perfect for this step. To get the most use out of your new outdoor living space, this is a step that you won’t want to skip. By hanging exterior shading, you’ll be able to use your outdoor space on even the warmest days. Simply adjust the outdoor blinds to keep the sun out of your eyes or to keep your patio cooler. You’ll be able to stay outside longer and enjoy more activities when you have the right shading. It can even help you regulate the temperature of the inside of your home, too!

Add outdoor lighting.

Don’t let the sun going down ruin your fun. Pick some outdoor lighting that can light up your space! Add romantic touches like string lights and lanterns as well as practical lighting such as outdoor lamps. You’ll love being able to enjoy the soft glow of a lamp in your outdoor space as you enjoy dinner or drinks with your friends. Lighting can really bring your outdoor space to life.

Choose the right amenities.

This is where you turn your outdoor space into something special! Think about what you want to use your space for and purchase equipment accordingly. Want an outdoor kitchen? Time to buy a grill. Want to watch movies al fresco? Invest in a good projector. Whatever it is that you want to do with your space, there are plenty of outdoor-friendly options that will help you make it perfect.

Ready to get started on your outdoor space? Arjay’s has the outdoor blinds, shades, and awnings that you need. Take a look in our online store and choose from our great selection. Call us for a free consultation on your outdoor blind needs and we’ll help you create an outdoor space that’s really special for you and your family.