Single Cell Vs Double Cellular Shade INFOGRAPHIC

You just bought a new house? Now the next step is giving the house a look you want. You have to decide on number of things like paint, countertops, furniture, cabinets, windows etc the list is unending. These changes surely take a toll but the easiest of all is giving a modern look to the windows using Honeycomb shades or Cellular Shades.

What is Cellular Shade?

Often referred to as Honeycomb Shades, Cellular Shades are pleated products that create “air pockets” or “cells” in between the pleats and these cells provide  thermal resistance to heat loss and heat gain through your windows – like a dual pane window! So basically these shades are constructed with cell pockets which may look like honeycomb when viewed from the side.

These cellular shades come in two types Single cell and Double cellular shades, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To choose the right type of cellular shade suiting your need read the infographic of Single Cell Vs Double Cellular Shade and make the right decision.

Single cell Vs Double cellular shade

Single cell Vs Double cellular shade