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The Case for Stationary Drapes in Thousand Oaks

As you shop for drapery in Thousand Oaks, you will need to decide whether you will use stationary drapes or drapes that open and close. Stationary drapes can be an affordable and decorative option to add interest to your home without too much expense. Here are a few considerations to make as you are deciding whether stationary drapes are right for your home.

drapes thousand oak

What Are Stationary Drapes?

Stationary drapes are designed to hang on the sides of the window, providing a decorative appearance without actually closing or improving the privacy of the home. Stationary drapes, when hung so that they cover the wall space beside the window, may be able to be pulled across the curtain rod to cover the window, but the primary design is simply aesthetic.

 When Are Stationary Drapes the Best Choice?

  • You need no privacy – Stationary drapes make sense when you have no need for privacy. They can simply frame the window and allow you to enjoy the view.
  • Home with a view – If you have a home with a view, then stationary drapes ensure you do not limit that view.
  • Stack – These drapes can also be beneficial if you have room for what is known as “stack.” Stack refers to the space on the side of a window that allows the curtains to be fully open, completely off of the window. Enough stack will allow you to draw the curtains closed when you want privacy, even if you are installing stationary drapes. Utilizing the stack can also give the appearance of a larger window, without blocking any of the light from the actual window. With stack, drapes in Thousand Oaks homes can be stationary and provide a bit of privacy when wanted.

Of course, not every window has enough stack to allow multiple panels that will cover the window when privacy is wanted, and some homeowners do not have the budget to purchase multiple panels for this look. If you need privacy and want the look stationary drapes, but lack the stack or budget for multiple panels, then consider pairing them with an affordable window shade or blind. Window shades and blinds are more affordable than curtains that open and close, and can provide the privacy you need.

So when are stationary drapes the best choice? The answer depends on your needs, budget and aesthetic desire. As you shop for drapes in Thousand Oaks, stationary drapes can make an affordable and beautiful choice. Be sure to consider all of your needs, and choose stationary drapes when they make the most sense for your home and decorating tastes.