Motorized Blinds

Why You Need Motorized Blinds


If you’re considering getting blinds, have you thought about motorized ones? Not everyone thinks to take blinds to the next level, but getting them motorized is a fantastic option. It’s especially great if you’re managing blinds on especially tall or inaccessible windows, but motorized blinds inject sophistication and convenience to any room. At Arjay’s, we’ve installed motorized blinds in both residential and commercial windows, and we want to take this blog to express just how incredible they are.

Why Do You Need Motorized Blinds?

Motorized Blinds Save Energy

  • We get a lot of sun in California. It can take a huge toll on our homes and businesses, especially our cooling systems. One of the best things you can do for your energy bill is control that sunlight and keep it from pouring in. Now, none of us have the time to run around raising and lowering our blinds. Even if we did try, we’d have to be extremely consistent to get those nice energy bills. This is where motorized blinds come in. When you get a motorized system installed,  it will allow you to schedule movement. We can also install light sensors that will lower your blinds when the sun gets intense enough. That way, your home will be protected from the sun, and you won’t have to do anything!

Motorized Blinds are Convenient

  • …and that is an understatement! People who get motorized blinds installed rave about how easy it is to use them. The blinds are all connected into a central control system, where you can transform your rooms with the touch of a button. As we mentioned before, you can create a schedule for your blinds and enjoy clear views or privacy exactly when you need them.

Motorized Blinds Provide Security

  • An occupied house is much less of a target than an empty house. If you’re going to be gone for a while, motorized blinds can play an instrumental role in making your home appear occupied. You can schedule random times for blinds to be raised and lowered. We also recommend getting your lights on a system. That way, your home will look occupied, and anyone wanting to take advantage of it will move along.

Motorized Blinds Protect Your Furnituredreamstime_8120872

  • We freak out about sun damage on our furniture, and with good reason. However, did you know that your A/C system can hurt your furniture, too? Over time, A/C fades your furniture. That means, if you have sun pouring in over your furniture, activating your A/C to work hard, your furniture gets a double hit.

Motorized Blinds Improve Aesthetics

  • Uneven blinds can drive people crazy! Even if you don’t mind them, they can profoundly affect the feel of a room. This becomes especially important when you’re talking about meeting rooms. You don’t want to bring clients into room with uneven blinds. The detail may seem trite, but it’s significant. When we install series of motorized blinds, we make sure they’re level. Every time you raise or lower them, you’ll get a crisp, neat line.

Arjay’s is proud to be California’s premium window treatment company. Let us help take your home or business to the next level!