5 Window Treatments That Can Shrink Your Energy Bills


Many people tend to think of window treatments as decorative elements that add only aesthetic value to your home. This is far from the truth, however, as the type of window treatments installed in your home can greatly add to your enjoyment of its various rooms, both indoors and out!

In today’s blog post, we’d specifically like to take a look at the way that high-quality, professionally installed window treatments from Arjay’s in Ventura can help to save money on your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Windows Are The Weak Spot In Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Here in California, we’ve gotten used to paying astronomical energy bills, especially in the summer when we’re seeking respite from the sweltering sun. When it comes to energy efficiency, that is, how well your home keeps the cool air in and the hot air out, windows are an unfortunate weak spot in many homes. Poorly fitted or sealed windows are the source of most of this frustration, but thin, metal-framed windows in older homes can also be a problem.

“Not only does the cold air that seeps into your home through these [window] leaks force your heating system to work that much harder to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature; poorly fitted and sealed windows also make it that much easier for the warm air inside your home to get out.  In fact, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that as much as one third of the average home’s heat loss occurs through windows and doors,” reports Jen Carter for Energy.gov.

Replacing or caulking your windows can be a big help with these problems, but what about the issue of the sun’s bright light heating the ambient air inside your home? Yes, light is heat, and when it flows in through your windows, it can quickly become trapped, forcing your air conditioner to work overtime.

These Window Treatments Block The Sun, Cooling Your Home Naturally!

With the simple addition of elegant, functional window treatments from Arjay’s in Ventura, you can not only boost your home’s value, you’ll also effectively shrink your summer energy bills.

  • Shades – According to the Department of Energy, making sure you’ve got high-quality, professionally-installed shades on each one of your home’s windows is the easiest way to see returns on your energy bill. Shades should be mounted as close to the window’s glass as possible, and those with a lighter color on one side and a darker color on the other can be reversed to enhance function depending on the season.
  • Blinds – Like shades, blinds can help reduce solar heat gain in your home during the summer. Unlike shades, interior and exterior blinds do so while still allowing in maintaining some light flow, air flow, and privacy.
  • Drapes – Although the main purpose of shades and blinds are to keep unwanted heat out of the home, drapes provide a dual purpose depending on the season. “Depending on fabric weight and color, drapes help insulate your home from both solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter,” explains Houzz.com
  • Awnings – The window treatments mentioned thus far have all be types typically installed inside the home, but awnings are an exterior product. Best placed on south and west-facing windows, awnings upgrade a home’s curb appeal while also providing protection from the sun.
  • High Reflectivity Film – If you’re looking for window treatments that are a bit more high tech than traditional blinds or awnings, consider high reflectivity window films. These are perfect for use in California, as we have a very short “winter” season. Reflective films works well on large windows, redirecting the sun’s light and heat back out into the atmosphere.