How to choose fabric for curtains

Fabric Choice for Window Covering Hinges Partially on Design

Just as there is no “right” look for window fashion today, there are also more choices in fabric than ever before. Today there is huge variety for fabric choice for window covering available and dizzying array of fabric options allows local homeowners to personalize window covering styles. No matter what style you prefer for your Simi Valley window covering, you will want to explore the world of available fabrics.

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Best Roller Shades

Window Treatment Secrets: How to Get the Window Treatments You Want Using These 5 Techniques!

Drapes or blinds?  Shades or café curtains?  The biggest priority when you are at a window treatment store choosing what you want is making the decision of which you prefer – light or privacy.  You may even decide that both of those things are desirable.  When you follow these professional tips, you will be making the right, informed decision.

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Solution for Problem Wiindows

How to Drape Old Windows and Problem Windows in Style?

Some of the most beautiful windows in modern homes can be the most difficult to “dress.”

Coordinating windows of different sizes in a single room is is often problematic. An extremely large window may present a dilemma if window drapes Santa Barbara are needed for privacy or light control. An arched window, or a bank of windows with upper clerestories may be beautiful to look at, but they can be headaches for interior designers.

Showcase Beauty – Drape Old Windows in Style

Solution for Problem Wiindows

If you’re not concerned with privacy, and if you love the look of your windows, be bold and leave them bare. If that’s not an option, consider your need for privacy as well as light control and then assess what type of window treatment will help carry out your design theme. Is your style simple and spare, or do you prefer layers of fabric, lots of pattern and bright colors. Are you daring or demure?

The world of window fashions offers options. If your window is a stunning architectural feature, feel free to call attention to it, with a window treatment that highlights it size, its shape or its view. If you have extremely tall or high windows, consider leaving the upper portion uncovered. If you have leaded glass, etched glass or another form of art glass, celebrate!

Window Drapes Are Not the Only Option

Adjustable blinds Santa Barbara homeowners are a practical choice because they provide privacy as well as protecting interiors and furnishings from fading. They also add a layer of insulation. Blinds can be custom designed to accommodate any window size or shape, and they may even be customized with electric remote controls. Consider plantation shutters for a traditional room, sleek metal blinds for a contemporary interior, or woven woods and roll-up blinds for casual appeal.

In more formal settings, layer on the fabric, combine valances with coordinating pinch-pleated drapes or stationary side panels, or install opulent, flowing curtains that puddle on the floor.

Whatever your decision, it is wise to coordinate window coverings in the same room in some way, even if not all windows are the same size or shape. Use complementary fabrics and trim, decide on a unifying theme, or use custom blinds throughout. We have professional design consultants on staff to help you with all your window needs, and our convenient showroom is well stocked with samples and window vignettes to give you ideas.

Windows Worth Hiding

How to cover old windows

Let’s face it: Not all windows are created beautiful. There might be some old windows which you want to hide, so why not drape old windows in style? If yours are sufficient to allow light and air into your home, but you’d rather not see the “bones” and structure of your windows, consider practical window treatments that hide the flaws but still allow those windows to serve their purpose. Think sheers or blinds that will camouflage the shortcomings; then perhaps add a layer of fabric for pizzazz. As an alternative, cover an entire wall with fabric — from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Downplaying the existence of a less than perfect window does not require that you sacrifice style!

What About Other Rooms?

Most homes have at least a few windows that don’t require elaborate or elaborate or expensive treatment — laundry areas, kitchen, bathrooms, and children’s rooms. These are also the areas to give free rein to your creativity. Change the looks frequently if you wish and be whimsical. We can suggest options in reasonably-priced curtains Santa Barbara residents will love. So, let your toddler have those pink and black polka dot curtains or express your playful side in the laundry room. Dress those windows any way that suits you!

Stationary drapes

10 Ways to Use Draperies to Set the Stage

The drapes you choose for your home are a great place to create a sense of mystique, opens your home up to the outdoors without sacrificing privacy and helps compliment the rest of your interior design scheme. Here are ten awesome ideas.

Drapes thousand oak

1. Bad view?

Make the curtains exciting. We’ve all seen places that just don’t have a view, so make up for it with curtains or even stationary drapes that are more exciting than the view.

2. Use the pattern elsewhere in the room.

When dealing with a neutral room, integrate the patterns and colors in the curtains into other places in the room. Whether it’s adding design elements on the coffee table, an amazing rug or throw pillows, matching your decor’s colors and patterns pulls the room together.

3. Make it like an onion.

Onions have layers, and layering window treatments, such as plantation shutters behind your bold draperies, gives you awesome control over the room’s light and privacy. You can completely change the look by opening or closing the drapes.

4. Create space division.

Is your open floor plan a little too open? Draperies aren’t just for windows anymore, they can also be used to create a visual separation between spaces in a room.

5. Long, tall and handsome.

When dealing with floor-to-ceiling windows, consider the effect the draperies will have. For tall, narrow windows, try curtains that are simple and go from the rod at the ceiling to the floor below in a dramatic fall.

6. Enclose your outdoor space

Investing in curtains that separate an area of your porch, balcony or other outdoor area is a great way to create a private room in the great outdoors.

7. Add color.

Using fabrics in a new color from the same palette in a room is a great way to add a splash of color without having to worry about it becoming too much for your design.

8. Aim high.

Though some curtains can’t work without a decorative top or rod, you can add height to a short room by taking a simple rod and long curtains all the way to the molding or ceiling. This makes your windows look larger and the room taller without clashing with other features.

9. Sheer light.

If the room has many windows or sliding doors, you may want to soften the light or provide privacy. A wall of sheer curtains helps ease the light and keep prying eyes out.

10. Multi-curtain it.

If you want daylight, style and privacy, using two curtains on the same rod – one sheer, one solid – does a great job of meeting all these needs.

With these ideas in mind, it’s time to find the perfect drapes Thousand Oaks homeowners need to create a stylish new look for their home. Check out a showroom or do some browsing to find the perfect classic draperies to meet your needs.

malibu drapes

How Low Should Your Drapes Go?

The real question is: How low do you want them to go?

malibu drapes

Popular looks run the gamut from spare and simple to gathered yards and layers of fabric that cascade down the sides of the glass and pool on the floor. According to designers, you can pretty much pick any treatment that appeals to you for drapery in your Malibu home and you’ll still be within the guidelines of good taste and trendy style. For shorter windows, the “rules” dictate that the bottom edge should stop at the top of the sill or extend to just below the trim. Pick one and be consistent throughout your rooms for the most coordinated decorating style.

In larger or more public rooms, however, the preferred option is to extend window coverings to the floor, and they sometimes reach for the ceiling as well.

Four “just right” lengths for the custom drapery Malibu homeowners can love are Hover, Brush, Break or Puddle.

Hover Just Above the Floor

This is a classic look for pinch-pleated drapery, and is a good choice for most rooms. The bottom hem of the drapes hangs just millimeters above the floor surface, never dragging across it. A “finger’s width” is a good guide, or approximately half an inch above the floor surface. It is appropriate for all fabrics and for the type of drapes Malibu residents prefer. Hovering is practical if you have children and pets in the home, and if you frequently open and close the panels.

Just Brush the Floor Surface

Installing your draperies to just brush the surface of the floor is the most exacting look to achieve. It will take a level floor, a perfectly installed rod, accurate measuring and exacting finishing to make it perfect. This is a design style that can be employed with different floor surfaces, but bear in mind that if you open and close the drapes frequently, the hems can wear faster than the panels; they tend to pick up dust and look ragged sooner than you might like.

A Pleasing Break

With a well-managed “break” just above the floor, like a well-tailored pair of slacks, your drapes can look fashionable and upscale, and lend drama to any room setting. This option requires some adjustment, but  when they are done right, these can be stunning drapes Malibu homeowners will delight in showing off. They are well suited for formal settings. Try them in a dining room or study.

A Puddle at the Bottom

Letting soft fabric puddle at the bottom of the drapery is a lavish interpretation that can add a lot of drama to a room. It works best with soft, gauze-like fabrics, or with silk or taffeta in formal rooms. Remember that the bigger the “puddle” the more care it will take to arrange and maintain. Also, a word to the wise: Pets can wreak havoc with puddles.