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Easy Green: 7 Cost Effective Ways for Windows Insulation

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Windows insulation is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to enhance energy savings. As an integral part of how you can keep the heat in during the winter, and the cold air from the air conditioner during the summer, insulation is the one area where not having it will make a tremendous difference. It can be very expensive when choosing which type of insulation that will work for you. In the meantime, here are a few ways you can provide insulation for your windows and doors by yourself:

  • Honeycomb shades

These shades are also known as cellular shades and create a vision of beauty while helping protect the home. Filled with fabric, honeycomb shades are available in a variety of customized colors.

how to insulate windows

  • Window film

Tinting your windows with window film is a good solution for reducing any heat that may be trapped, and is quick and easy to implement.

  • Under door blanket

Using a blanket under the room of any room can help keep the heat in. This solution is becoming popular and fashionable.

  • Layered window treatments

One of the best ways to prepare for changing seasons is through the use of multiple layers. Putting an insulating shade against the window, window tint, and curtains all work together to provide the right amount of sun to keep the area warm, or keep out the heat. Using green window treatments can help the environmental impact while getting the job done.

  • Storm doors

Although these may not be in the immediate budget, understanding the pros and cons of adding a storm door is key. You will be able to experience immediate costs savings, along with a different look and field.

  • Heavy curtains

Changing your curtain selection based on the season is a good way to have cost savings. Light and airy curtains work well for the spring, while the fall and winter seasons require a heavier curtain to keep heat in. Velvet and other heavy fabrics are an excellent way to maintain a beautiful appearance while enhancing cost savings.

  • Caulking/Weather stripping

The most popular way to experience cost savings for your space is by caulking any holes where there may be a draft. There are many areas where caulking can positively impact the energy savings throughout the home. Weather stripping mixed with the use of caulking can save time, money and will work to positively keep the effects of the elements where they belong.

Using energy efficient window treatments will help keep your expenses down. Green window treatments are a low-cost alternative and can be found in many stores and other businesses who specialize in window treatments. If you are experiencing high energy bills, it may be due to air being allowed to seep in and out. It is important to locate those areas where windows and doors may be having a detrimental effect on the energy bill. Knowing what you are facing prior to it happening makes all the difference in the world.

Working with an expert in this area can assist in creating the perfect energy efficient window treatments for your space. Arjay’s Window Fashions is a leader in window and door treatments and can give you in-depth advice on how to proceed. For more information on the different solutions available to you and how it can add to your cost savings, contact an associate at Arjay’s Window Fashions today!

Save energy using energy efficient window treatments

What Makes Energy Efficient Windows : 3 G’s – Gas Glass Glazing

If your average home utility bill is high enough to give you heart failure, it may be time to consider options that increase your home’s energy efficiency. But if you’re interested in options beyond simple lifestyle changes such as closing custom blinds Simi Valley homeowners often find upgraded windows to be of significant benefit, as they help reduce heat gain during the day and heat loss during the night. But what do you need to know to select the best possible windows for your home?

Save energy using energy efficient window treatments


In its most basic form, a window is simply glass held within a frame created from another material, such as wood, metal or vinyl. Originally created in the 3rd or 4th century CE, windows used small pieces of glass that were hand-blown, then attached together with lead into a larger piece. These windows quickly transferred heat in or out of a structure and leaked air around the edges. By comparison, most windows produced today have a minimum of two panes of annealed glass separated by a spacer with gas between the panes. Annealing is a process by which glass is slowly cooled, to make it stronger and more resilient against breakage. The glass itself isn’t what makes energy efficient windows, but rather the combination of an insulated space filled with a gas to prevent thermal conduction combined with glazing that reflects UV rays and radiant heat.


Before you become concerned about the gas used as an insulator between glass panes, don’t be. Most double- or triple-pane windows use argon or krypton gas. These noble gases are chosen because they are odorless and non-toxic. They’re also inert, which means they won’t react to any other material in the window, and these gases are already present in our world’s air. These gases are denser than air, providing better insulated value and blocking UV rays, and are hermetically sealed between the panes of glass, preventing leaks. Though early double-paned windows used vacuum technology that would often leak, leading to fogginess or cloudiness in the glass, these modern alternatives do a great job of improving your energy efficiency while maintaining your beautiful view.


Another place where you can achieve excellent energy efficiency is by using Low E glazing. A Low E glazing is essentially a coating that can be either clear or tinted, which can further reflect heat and UV radiation away from your home in warm climates while allowing heat to be reflected back into the home while blocking UV radiation for homes in cold climates. These features, when used together, creates a dynamic system that helps prevent your HVAC system from running constantly in an attempt to keep up and prevents condensation from forming because of a drastic change in temperature from one side of the system to the other.

Other Options

But there are additional options available to help your home become more energy efficient without having to replace all your windows. Using energy efficient window treatments such as cellular shades or insulated drapes help improve the insulated value of your windows without having to make a serious investment. Adding exterior shading features helps shade your windows and reduces the amount of solar heat gain and UV radiation that reaches the interior of your home, as do clear or tinted window films.

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Why R-Values Matter in Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

When you begin to consider ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, one of the first terms you will hear is R-value, a number that is used to measure the insulation in your home. Your roof and your walls each have an R-value that dictates how well they insulates your home. Learn why R-value is important and what it really means.

Energy efficienyWhat is R-value?

R-value is a number that indicates how well (or how poorly) your home prevents the transfer of heat in the house. It’s given as a whole number, with a higher number indicating better prevention of heat transfer. In layman’s terms, a roof with a R-value of 20 is less efficient than a roof with an R-value of 30.

The higher R-value prevents heat from passing into and out of the home. When your home has a low R-value, hot and cold air are free to transfer into and out of your home. Unfortunately, that frosty air you’re filling rooms with during the hot Santa Barbara summer is also free to filter out through the walls and roof. So, you’re spending more money to cool your home, because the cool air you’re producing is escaping.

Adding insulation and taking other steps to boost your home’s R-value will improve the energy efficiency and the comfort level of your home. You’ll find that you stay comfortable for longer periods of time without having to turn the air conditioning on as high. This will also lower your home utility bills, putting money back in your pocket.

How Does Your Home Measure Up?

The average R-value for houses across the U.S. is R-13. Newer standards have upped the game and increased the standard R-value to 19. For roofs, typical R-value is either 30 or 40.

If you’re wondering what your home’s R-value is, have a home energy assessment conducted. This can tell you what your home’s R-value is and suggest various ways to improve your home’s insulation and lower your expenses.

How to Affect Your Home’s R-Value

Obviously, insulation matters and upgrading or adding insulation will affect your home’s R-value.

Energy efficient window treatments also play a role in your home’s R-value. The right window treatments can prevent cool air from escaping through air leaks or block the sun’s glare from heating up your home.

Anywhere your home is leaky, air can more easily flow in and out. Consider hiring a contractor to seal roof leaks, tighten loose siding, and address any other home exterior problems that negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency.

Now that you understand the concept of R-value, you can better decide where to invest money to improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your expenses.

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Upgrade Windows for Beauty, Comfort and Big Energy Savings

The windows in your home are the things that connect you to the world. They are the things that let in light and air and ultimately make your house something more than a big box where you eat, sleep, and entertain yourself. Your windows not only affect how you see the world, but are also a reflection on you. After a while, a house can use a new look and feel, and upgrading windows can be a great way to achieve that. Upgrading your windows and window treatments isn’t just something you do to make your Thousand Oaks, California home look better. Thousand Oaks energy efficient window treatments can make living in your home more affordable by controlling the amount of heat and light that comes in. Not only does this lower cooling bills, but it also reduced potential fading to furniture inside the home, making it look newer longer.

windows thousand oaks

Discover Great New Window Designs for Energy Efficient Window Treatments

With newer designs of windows, air flows more smoothly through your home when you want it to. Assuming that they are properly installed, newer windows are also sealed better, which means you’re lest likely to feel a draft through a closed window on a cool night. You’re also less likely to “shiver” when you see your energy bill.

There are other ways you can see to it that you have a Thousand Oaks energy efficient window. Advancements have been made in glass making and  window tinting. That means that even when your window treatments are wide open, your home can still receive protection from the heat and sun. It’s like giving your Southern California home a new pair of sunglasses. Changing up the windows can also change the style of your home. You might want a new bay window or add a sliding glass door as a way to add comfortable seating, or a convenient option for the kids to get outside to play.

Modern Meets Classic – Upgrade Windows

When it comes to energy efficient window treatments, there are many options. Blinds, shades, and curtains are all “go-to” options that many home owners turn to, almost by default. While all these options can look great, you might also want to consider shutters in Thousand Oaks. Shutters provide a classic feel, and can be part of both the exterior and interior of your home. At the same time, advances in shutter designs has brought a lot of modern conveniences to these window treatments.

Your shutters in Thousand Oaks can do almost anything you want. They can be angled, arched, and be vertical instead of the traditional horizontal design to bring a more modern element to the classic look. They can be operated manually or can be automated with a remote control, expanding their options into hard to reach areas, including skylights. The more you think about the possibilities for upgrading the windows and window treatments in your home, the more you will realize that the sky truly is the limit.

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Want to Increase Turnaround in Your Retail Store? Let in Natural Light!

Energy efficient window treatment for retail storeFor retailers looking to bring in more turnaround, the answer may not be in better endcaps and product displays. It may be in bringing in natural lighting. Natural light encourages customers to stay inside a store longer, interact with products longer and purchase a greater number of items. By bringing in natural light, you may just figure out the final solution to the puzzle of how to best reach your customers.

Studies Show Natural Light Is Successful

The California Energy Commission recently published a study of a retailer with a number of stores in the state that used natural light in some locations and traditional lighting in others. With 73 stores in the study throughout the state, it was a fairly deep pool. The results showed a significant increase in sales for the daylight-lit stores compared to those who did not have natural lighting.

Of the 73 stores, 24 were daylight lit, with diffusing skylights the primary source of light. The stores which were daylight lit had an increase in sales, particularly during the daylight hours, without any connection to the season of the year.

Interestingly, these increases in sales were not small. Stores were reporting up to 40 percent increases in sales when daylight was in the store. Daylight was also found to be a good predictor of sales figures. In addition, the energy costs for the daylit stores was lowered between 24 and 66 cents a square foot.

So what does this study mean for the modern retailer? For those who want to increase sales, investing in lighting that allows natural light into the store whenever possible is a wise choice.

How Window Coverings Can Help

Natural lighting is an inexpensive and effective way to light a retail space and, hopefully, boost sales, but retailers may want to diffuse the light to help reduce the glare and intensity in the space or protect the interior temperature. Window coverings can make natural lighting a more effective tool for the retail store.

Solar screen shades are a great choice for windows on the walls of buildings. These reduce glare while preserving the view. They also lessen the amount of heat transfer from the windows and protect retail merchandise from UV damage or fading. If your windows are near the checkout, they will reduce errors from your cashiers because of glares on the POS screens. California motorized shading makes it simple to use these energy efficient window treatments when needed, and roll them up when they are not needed.

External shading can be another option. Instead of placing a shade on the window itself, external shading creates shade on the exterior of the space, so the light that comes in the window is less intense.

Finally, consider UV protective window film. These energy efficient window treatments can tint the light slightly to reduce its intensity, as well as provide protection from UV damage. This will prevent fading of merchandise, even if the merchandise is in a store window.

If you want to increase sales at your location, you need natural light. With the right window treatments, that natural light is easy to control and utilize to your best advantage.