Northwest of Los Angeles, Ojai, California sits nestled in 10-mile long Ojai valley where it’s surrounded by scenic mountains and hills. With less than 7,500 people, Ojai remains a close-knit community that’s known to cultivate small businesses and welcomes tourists. In fact, numerous boutique hotels, spiritual retreats, farmers’ markets and eco-friendly businesses anchor the local economy. Additionally, chain stores are prohibited and reinforce Ojai’s unique appearance and hometown feel. We’re honored to serve Ojai residents like you with quality and customizable window treatments that are sure to meet all your needs.

Protective and Private Shutters and Blinds Ojai

HD-Wood-Shutter-29You certainly do not you want neighbors or passerby’s to see inside your home. You also don’t want the bright Ojai sun to fade your furniture and floor coverings. Our window shutters and window blinds provide the protection and privacy you need, whether you install interior shutters, exterior shutters or vertical blinds.

We carry a variety of standard privacy blinds, and we can order custom blinds and shutters for all your unique windows. Based on your decor and personal preferences, choose from our selection of:

  • Plantation shutters
  • Wood shutters
  • Vinyl shutters
  • Wood blinds
  • Faux wood blinds
  • Bamboo blinds

Attractive and Practical Drapery and Curtains

Custom draperies made from almost any drapery fabric you can imagine, complement the decor in every room of your home in Ojai, ca. While they’re attractive, curtains and drapes also meet your practical privacy needs. We offer a large selection of blackout curtains, decorative drapes and everything in between. No matter which draperies you choose, know that you’ll find something for all your home’s windows.

Functional and Protective Awnings and Exterior Shading

MT Roller Shade 1When you’re sitting outside on your Ojai patio or deck, patio awnings or exterior shades keep you comfortable. Our awnings and shading selection provides the protection you need. Use a retractable awning or exterior roller shades to maintain your comfort. You may also customize your exterior shades and window awning with awnings fabric that match your home’s exterior finish and create attractive shading where you need it most.

Convenient and Safe Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized-Gallery-3All of our window treatments feature safe cords, so it’s no surprise that our motorized blinds are safe to operate. However, they’re also convenient. One touch of a button lowers or raises the motorized shades and awnings throughout your home. Put motorized window shades technology to use for you and appreciate its convenience and safety.

Outfit your Ojai home with quality window treatments. Our selection is sure to please you as you maintain your privacy while keeping your home looking its best. Let us partner with you today as we meet your window treatment needs.