Westlake Window Treatment

Warm and sunny Westlake, CA prompts home and business owners like you to take special care when selecting window treatments. Ideally, the best window blinds and shades not only enhance the beauty of your home or office, they also prevent sun from fading valuable furniture, flooring and collectibles inside your home or business and reduce air conditioning costs by conserving energy. The right window treatments also provide privacy and enhance the appearance and value of your property. Choose window treatments that give you all these benefits when you discover the Westlake window treatments offered by Arjay’s.


HD Vertical Blind 1Available in numerous finishes and shades, custom blinds promote privacy and complement the existing decor in your Westlake home or business. You can also adjust the louvers to allow or block sunlight. Consider your personal preferences as you select from blinds in numerous colors and materials, including:

• Wood Blinds

• Faux Blinds

• Faux Wood Blinds

• Vertical Blinds

• Mini Blinds


HD Natural Woven Wood Shade 13Insulating your home from the sun’s heat is as important as ensuring each room looks attractive. Shades keep every room comfortable as they provide a layer of protective insulation between the outdoor weather and your rooms. They also come in various colors, sizes and patterns and can include cordless and motorized options. Our extensive custom curtains collection features:

• Window Shades

• Cellular Shades

• Woven Shades

• Honeycomb Shades

• Rollup Shades


HD Wood Shutter 3Certain interior designs look their best when the windows include attractive shutters. Our shutters dress up each window as they match your room’s color and decor, conserve energy and provide privacy. We offer a selection of attractive and protective shutters in the colors and designs you need, including:

• Faux Shutters

• Plantation Shutters

• Wood Shutters

• Faux Wood Shutters

• Composite Shutters

Exterior Shading and Awnings Westlake

Mashhoon Exterior Shades - Half Down 1Thanks to exterior shadings and awnings, you stay comfortable year round as you read, dine and entertain in your home’s sun room or on your outdoor porch. Additionally, these window treatment options ensure your business remains comfortable for you and your clients. Our outdoor blinds and awning selections feature high-tech options that are easy and convenient to operate and maintain. Choose

• Retractable Awnings

• Exterior Roller Shades

• Window Awnings

• Exterior Shutters

Motorized Shades, Blinds & Drapes

At Arjay’s we have Certified Technicians who are qualified and experienced in window treatment motorization.  The Arjay’s team can motorize shutters, blinds, shades and drapery using systems like Lutron, MechoShade, Somfy, , BTX and Q Motion.

Motorized window coverings are an important part of smart home technology and will help you reduce energy consumption, enhance privacy and make life more enjoyable for your family.  After all, when was the last time you “rolled up” your windows, “turned” the channel on your television or “pulled down” your garage door? So, why would you walk around your house pulling your shades up and down when you can just push a button?

Your Californian home or business needs window treatments that protect the room’s interior, conserve energy, provide privacy and complement decor. At Arjay’s, we offer an extensive collection of window treatments that will meet your needs. We even make house calls and help you find the best window treatments for your home or business. Call us today and learn about the available options for your Westlake home or business windows.