Awesome Tips for Remodeling Home Office

Those who live in Los Angeles are often on the move, and their work involves a little of everything. Clocking out at the end of a workday and simply going home to relax is not part of their reality. That’s why it is so important to have a fresh and functional home office. Remodeling the home office is one way to get a fresh perspective. Even small upgrades in window coverings can make a big difference and help maximize productivity, so residents actually can get a few moments for themselves.


Choosing a Window Treatment in Los Angeles

A lot goes into choosing what type of window treatment is best for a home office in Los Angeles when you decide on remodeling home office, and that choice might not always be cohesive with what the decor choices throughout the home. Some have the specific goal of making the office decidedly different, and their window treatment in Los Angeles can help reflect that.

The living room and bedrooms may have soft or neutral colors and fabric curtains that coordinate with comfy couches and big screen televisions all designed to kick back or entertain friends and family.

Types of Offices

1. No Nonsense

Home offices are used in different ways. Some want the room to be an inviting space where family members feel welcome. Others want a no nonsense get work done office, with sharp lines, a spacious desk, and a fast computer. Having motorized blinds Los Angeles is a great option here because a person can enjoy the L.A. sunshine, but make the needed adjustments from their desk without missing a beat.

2. Welcoming

Those who want to make their home office more inviting and welcoming to others may carry a little more of the feel of the rest of the home into the office. Some of these offices will have a desk, but will also have an area to sit and read, or even a few select “quiet toys” for kids. Parents who work at home often like this type of office because it helps them spend more time together and bond over their work.

They might choose something like a honeycomb shade or different levels of window tinting that will allow them to enjoy the view, but still lend a seriousness to the room so that it is understood to be a work area, even if it is welcoming.

3. The Study Office

Some home offices are really more like studies than offices. These are decidedly low tech and might not even have a computer. Kids are encouraged to use the room to do their homework or read. Adults might want to go in the room to sit down and sort through paperwork that they have brought home from the office.

These offices can be light, but still serious and recognize that everyone has work to do. Faux wood blinds in lighter colors can help reflect and soften the light that comes in, or drapery panels can be used with rings or rods, with lightweight material that can show off different types of pleats and add a distinct texture to the room.

However you and/or your family use your home office, it is always good to get a fresh perspective. Consulting with experienced professionals about the types of window coverings others in the area use in their own offices can help you shape the feel of the room to help it better serve it’s purpose while still remaining comfortable.

Motorized Shades Santa Barbara

Motorized Shades and Motorized Blinds for Your Santa Barbara Home

Santa Barbara is located on the West Coast, about 92 miles from Los Angeles. In California, the weather is nice, but temperamental. Depending on what day it is, you will experience extreme heat, and then you can wake up the next and its 50 degrees outside. With so many fluctuations in weather, being prepared in your home is essential.

Motorized Shades Santa Barbara

How can I keep my home protected in temperamental weather?

Choosing the right blinds. There are a number of selections that will keep your home cool on hot days, and warm enough to forego the heater on cool days. Deciding which types are the best blinds Santa Barbara has to offer is key. Blinds come in a variety of styles and shade options. Some of these include:

  • Motorized blinds Santa Barbara

Motorized blinds are a great option for the California weather, because they can be programmed to rise with the sun and go down when it gets dark. Motorized blinds also upgrade the space and add another level of class and dimension.  Motorized blinds can work in the interior or exterior of your Santa Barbara home.

  • Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a standard option in home décor, and can be altered to fit your style and tastes. Vertical blinds come in PVC vinyl, fabric and other options available for customization. The beauty of vertical blinds is that they are economical and elegant while providing complete coverage for your windows.

  • Wood blinds

Wood blinds are also a viable option for keeping your home in tune with the weather. Wood blinds blend with any décor and look great when paired with other window treatments. They are very easy to maintain, and can provide years of enjoyment.

Are motorized blinds expensive?

Motorized blinds are an affordable, efficient and stylish option. Choosing motorized blinds can save you time and money over time, especially if you are always on the go. This helps keep the intruders at bay, as they don’t know whether you are home or not.

Are you looking for motorized blinds Santa Barbara then don’t neglect your windows! They are an integral part of your interior décor. There’s always something special about customized blinds that make a room feel welcoming. Working with an interior designer to give you some insight on the additional advantages of motorized blinds can be beneficial. It is always good to have a resource that can provide you with up-to-date information and advice.

Using guidance from wndow experts can work to your advantage. As experts in their field, they can guide you through the interior decoration process while giving you a number of options in motorized blinds that will meet your needs.

Energy efficient window treatment for retail store

Want to Increase Turnaround in Your Retail Store? Let in Natural Light!

Energy efficient window treatment for retail storeFor retailers looking to bring in more turnaround, the answer may not be in better endcaps and product displays. It may be in bringing in natural lighting. Natural light encourages customers to stay inside a store longer, interact with products longer and purchase a greater number of items. By bringing in natural light, you may just figure out the final solution to the puzzle of how to best reach your customers.

Studies Show Natural Light Is Successful

The California Energy Commission recently published a study of a retailer with a number of stores in the state that used natural light in some locations and traditional lighting in others. With 73 stores in the study throughout the state, it was a fairly deep pool. The results showed a significant increase in sales for the daylight-lit stores compared to those who did not have natural lighting.

Of the 73 stores, 24 were daylight lit, with diffusing skylights the primary source of light. The stores which were daylight lit had an increase in sales, particularly during the daylight hours, without any connection to the season of the year.

Interestingly, these increases in sales were not small. Stores were reporting up to 40 percent increases in sales when daylight was in the store. Daylight was also found to be a good predictor of sales figures. In addition, the energy costs for the daylit stores was lowered between 24 and 66 cents a square foot.

So what does this study mean for the modern retailer? For those who want to increase sales, investing in lighting that allows natural light into the store whenever possible is a wise choice.

How Window Coverings Can Help

Natural lighting is an inexpensive and effective way to light a retail space and, hopefully, boost sales, but retailers may want to diffuse the light to help reduce the glare and intensity in the space or protect the interior temperature. Window coverings can make natural lighting a more effective tool for the retail store.

Solar screen shades are a great choice for windows on the walls of buildings. These reduce glare while preserving the view. They also lessen the amount of heat transfer from the windows and protect retail merchandise from UV damage or fading. If your windows are near the checkout, they will reduce errors from your cashiers because of glares on the POS screens. California motorized shading makes it simple to use these energy efficient window treatments when needed, and roll them up when they are not needed.

External shading can be another option. Instead of placing a shade on the window itself, external shading creates shade on the exterior of the space, so the light that comes in the window is less intense.

Finally, consider UV protective window film. These energy efficient window treatments can tint the light slightly to reduce its intensity, as well as provide protection from UV damage. This will prevent fading of merchandise, even if the merchandise is in a store window.

If you want to increase sales at your location, you need natural light. With the right window treatments, that natural light is easy to control and utilize to your best advantage.

natural light in hospital

Survey of Hospital Lighting Finds Significant Staff Preference for Daylight

Sunshine and fresh air used to be a common remedy doctors would recommend for many ailments, but a recent study by Heriot-Watt University’s School of the Built Environment and Qatar’s Hamad General Hospital Urology Department found that most doctors and nurses are able to better perform their jobs and believe patients recover better when daylight is available in the patient’s room. The study found that 79% of medical professionals felt they worked better in rooms with natural lighting, 77% felt they could better determine a patient’s recovery based on skin tone and similar indicators under natural light, and 78% felt that daylight was an integral part of the patient’s recovery, while an overwhelming 92% found they were more comfortable working in rooms with natural lighting.

natural light in hospital

With this study in mind, let’s take a look at the type of window treatments that can be effective in a healthcare setting:

  • Blinds : Blinds are awesome in areas where you need to worry about sanitizing hard surfaces. If it’s in a patient room and the main concern is light control, vertical blinds often let a little more light through, whereas if privacy is a bigger issue, metal or vinyl horizontal blinds may be more effective at meeting your facility’s needs.
  • Draperies: For longer-term patients or those in non-intensive-care wards, Draperies provide a bit of hominess to a room that can otherwise seem somewhat stark and unwelcoming. If you’re working in an older facility that could use some updating, draperies can also help improve energy efficiency and cut drafts.
  • Shades: Whether you’re interested in rolling shades that provide significant room-darkening properties or honeycomb shades that provide privacy while filtering the sun’s glare, shades are a great way to add a variety of light-control options to your healthcare facility. To help cut labor costs, you can set up California motorized shading to automate the process at night, reducing ambient light from surrounding structures and helping patients receive higher-quality sleep.
  • Awnings: If you have problem areas where the light entering the building is simply too intense, adding an awning to shade the window allows good-quality natural light into the room without allowing too much sun in. For awnings Ventura businesses find that we’ve provided the best service and selection over the years.
  • Films: There are a variety of window films available that cut glare, provide privacy or even adjust from clear to opaque for different needs.

Now that you know the benefits of natural lighting in a healthcare settings and some options to consider, why not take a look at your available options? Find a local window treatment showroom that can offer you a great look at options before you need to invest. Window treatment companies with a long history in the community can provide you with excellent recommendations for your healthcare space.

motorized window treatments

Latest in Smart Home Technology That You Should Have!!

As technology evolves, the world is getting increasingly smarter. For millions, smartphones have become a staple of their lives, replacing older phones that do little more than make calls. Automobiles are also using “smart” technology, and some practically drive themselves. But these developments aren’t just useful when you’re out and about. Taking advantage of “Smart Home” technology can make life more convenient and make you and your family feel safer. Here are a few upgrades you can make that are smart for your budget as well.

Security Systems

Keeping your home safe, whether you are in or out of it is likely a high priority, and home security has moved far beyond simply locking the door and setting a burglar alarm. Many are turning to more automated methods, such as live security cameras that monitor the inside and outside of your home. These cameras can be checked whenever you want from your phone or computer, even if you’re on vacation. Motion detectors can be added to cameras as well and send you an alert to anything you might want to take a look at.

Motorized Window Shades

Can you remember the days when you had to get up and walk to the television to change the volume or turn it off and on, before remote controls were the standard? That taste of convenience has left us hungry to control more things by remote, such as motorized window shades. Whether you’re trying to get the glare off the TV or out of your eyes, want to show off that full moon at just the right moment, or give the impression that you’re home when you’re not, motorized shades can be just what you need to achieve this. You can even add timers or solar sensors, so that your shades, blinds, or curtains “know” when to open or close even without your prompt.

If the idea seems a bit futuristic, a.k.a… expensive, remember that people once felt the same about remote control televisions. Motorized shade cost is actually much less than what many would expect, and setting them to keep out the sun can help reduce utility bills. A qualified window treatment dealer, such as Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura, California can give you details about the various options.

Automatic Lighting

Like motorized shades, automated lighting also can add to the security and convenience of your home in order to mimic an active household. They also come in handy when you’re returning home after dark, and want to light things up before going inside. Instead of touring the house to make sure the lights are off when they aren’t needed, you can turn them off with your smart phone.

Smart Thermostats

Initially, automated thermostats were found to be energy savers because you could program them to turn themselves up or down a few degrees depending on your schedule. With the Southern California heat, you set the temperature higher while you’re at work, and then an hour before you get home or can let it drop so you can enter a cool house. Today, you no longer need a set schedule to turn the thermostat up or down. These can be turned on through a phone or tablet application and can be adjusted anywhere.

Smart Television

The technology of televisions has advanced beyond the remote control. They will let you watch internet videos, listen to your favorite music, check the weather on a whim, or watch movies from a subscribed service. But even without upgrading your TV, it’s likely your cable or Internet service gives you the option to control your TV through your smartphones. This allows you to stream content, set up your DVR to record your favorite show, pause things while you stop to take care of something else.