Different Types of Roman Shades

Infographic: Exquisite Roman and Roller Shades for your Room

Arjay’s window Fashion helps you to decide the best window shading options for your home. Know more about different types of Roman Shades and different features of Roller shades which will help you to choose the best window shading for your room. Contact Arjay’s Window Fashion today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Roman Shades for Sun room

Building Better Sunroom with Roman and Roller Shades

In his recent article “25 Design Trends Coming to Homes Near You in 2016” Houzz’s Mitchell Parker writes that Sunrooms are a “top dream space” for many homeowners and “even those who don’t have the luxury of having or adding one, are finding a way to carve out a special sun-drenched corner in their homes.”  Arjay’s Window Fashions has helped create some of the most spectacular Sunrooms in Santa Barbara County.

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How to clean roller shade

Maintaining Clean and Attractive Roller Shades

Roller shades in Santa Barbara have been a popular choice of window covering for many years. These shades are economical, highly versatile, and since they have a relatively low profile they are easy to pair with other types of window coverings as well, such as curtains. They are also easier to keep clean, compared to window blinds with many individual slats that need to be maintained. Because they are easier to clean, many people consider them to be the best window treatment for allergies.

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Best Roller Shades

Window Treatment Secrets: How to Get the Window Treatments You Want Using These 5 Techniques!

Drapes or blinds?  Shades or café curtains?  The biggest priority when you are at a window treatment store choosing what you want is making the decision of which you prefer – light or privacy.  You may even decide that both of those things are desirable.  When you follow these professional tips, you will be making the right, informed decision.

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Window treatment for windows with radiator

Window Treatments: How to Cover Windows above a Radiator

Window treatment for windows with radiator

Covering windows above a radiator can be a bit tricky. The heat emitted from the radiator can affect some window coverings, and it is important not to block the heating unit. Radiators also take up a lot of space near the floor which makes hanging curtains more difficult. Here are some tips to help you determine which type of window coverings to use for your windows Ventura.

Blinds and Curtains Together

One solution to the desire to have curtains in a home with radiators is to combine blinds and curtains as window coverings. You can use stationary curtains that hang on each side of the window and do not move. Then use blinds to filter light and cover the main part of the window. Blinds can hang above the radiator, yet you will still have the effect of curtains because of the stationary pair.

Cellular Shades Window Treatments

You can use a similar concept with cellular shades instead of wooden or metal blinds. Cellular shades offer a softer, diffused light, but can be raised for more direct lighting. You can still use stationary curtains, or you can hang floor length curtains from the ceiling that will go in front of the radiator. By hanging them from the ceiling, you can move them out further into the room to allow for enough space for the radiator.

Roller Shades and Floor-Length Curtains

You can use other combinations of window treatments such as roller shades and floor-length curtains together. Roller shades are easily adjusted to allow in the exact amount of light you want. Floor-length curtains can be hung in front of a smaller radiator, but you would need to use extended curtain rods to give them enough room to close in front of the radiator.

Woven Shades

Woven shades are another option with or without floor-length curtains. Woven shades offer a different texture and appearance than any of the other previously mentioned shades or blinds. A good idea is to see the different shades side-by-side to see which style would look the best in your home setting.

Short Curtains

Short curtains are a more casual option usually used in a child’s bedroom or informal kitchen setting. They are another solution for rooms with radiators.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters offer a classic, long-lasting look and work well in homes that are in warm climates or have a lot of wood molding in the house. They look terrific in kitchens, bedrooms and family rooms.

Roman Blinds

Like other shades, Roman blinds can move up and down vertically to filter or block the sunlight. They can be set at any height to let in natural light, and can be adjusted at any time. Roman shades offer a more solid color block or pattern block on the window. They can stand out or blend into the wall decor.