How to prevent sun damage indoor?

Surefire Way to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors

The sun has been known to cause a lot of damage, this not only applies to things like sunburn and premature aging, but the things inside your home are in danger of the sun’s rays. Traditional Window treatments and solar window film can both help reduce this damage. Your furniture, floors, artwork, carpeting and more are at risk of fading when they are exposed to the sun. The worst culprit is UVA and UVB rays, which contributes to 45% of the damage. Heat and infrared radiation causes another quarter of the damage, and actual visible light does the remainder of the harm.

How to prevent sun damage indoor?

The Problem with UV Rays

There are two types of UV rays; UVA rays and UVB rays. UVB rays are the most harmful from the outside, and they bring plenty of glaring heat and light into the room. UVA rays are sneakier. They are present causing fading even during cloudy days.

Not only do they fade furniture, but they can hurt the people in the home as well. For the most part, even clear Windows protect against sunburn causing UVB rays, however UVA rays can cause premature aging, age spots, and even some skin cancers.

Traditional Window Treatments

There’s a lot of good things about traditional window treatments. They provide insulation, come in a lot of different attractive colors and textures and can even be motorized to make it easier to use them. But who wants to keep their blinds in Calabasas drawn all the time. Light can be a good thing too. Window film is available in different levels of uniqueness so you can choose how much light you want to let into your home.

Blinds, shades, and curtains can all add color and character to your home, as well as improving its energy efficiency. All can be used with Windows with or without tinting, and can accommodate skylights, custom windows and sliding glass doors.

Benefits of Solar Window Film

A lot of people in Southern California are especially drawn to using solar window film on their windows due to their energy efficiency as well as increased safety.  Here’s some of the things people enjoy.

  • Reduced heat gain by 80%
  • Reduces summer cooling bills 40%
  • Allows people in the home to enjoy their view
  • Discourages nosy neighbors from looking in
  • Available at various levels of opaqueness
  • Reduces fading from the sun
  • Strengthens windows to discourage break ins

At Arjay’s Window Fashions we’ve been helping Southern California home owners weigh their window treatment options since 1975. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Solar Film

Enhance Learning Environments with Proper Light Control

Controlling light and glare at large windows is a major concern for homeowners in sunny climates, but it is even more important in commercial buildings. Effectively minimizing heat gain and loss is also an important consideration. Managing the light in classrooms and educational surroundings is especially important in order to maximize the effectiveness of the learning environment.

As important as “daylighting” is to maintain a connection with the outside world, “nature” is sometimes a distracting influence. Not only classrooms, but cafeteria spaces, libraries, gymnasiums and auditoriums may need to control the amount and quality of light. Teachers may need to lower opaque window shades in order to “engage” students effectively. Use blackout window shades to make the use of electronic teaching aids or video presentations easier.

Solar Film

Tailor the Treatment to the Need

In our area of southern California, no firm is better equipped than Arjay’s Window Fashions to help both residential and commercial customers find the right solutions. As a leader in the field of specialty and custom window coverings since 1975, we possess the knowledge born of experience, and our knowledgeable staff will help guide your choices.

Block Harmful Rays

Solar film blocks harmful UV light and is virtually a necessity in modern schools and universities, not only to protect vision, reduce glare and add comfort to the surroundings, but also to prevent damage to furnishings and fixtures. Artwork, musical instruments, lab equipment and technical material can be damaged easily; and extremely bright light is not necessarily conducive to a relaxed learning environment.

Filter Light

Filtering light by use of a solar screen window treatment is an attractive and cost-effective way to deal with light control in an individual classroom. The instructor can easily make manual adjustments, with options to leave windows totally uncovered, to partially control the outside view or to darken the room totally if necessary. Depending upon the choice of material, a shade or roller installation may be purely functional, or it can add an attractive design element in a multi-purpose room.

Think about Ease and Safety

In large spaces or multi-purpose rooms, such as a cafeteria that is also used as presentation or performance space, motorized installation is a practical solution. High windows, skylights or oddly-shaped fenestration almost always require motorized controls.  Change the look of the interior environment depending on time of day, season or functional need with s simple touch of a button. In addition, motorized controls also make it easy to close the room or the building at night, adding a level of security to the space.

Safety is a vital consideration for any sort of school window covering. Fire-resistant and non-toxic materials are minimum requirements; also consider control mechanisms such as chains or cords that might pose hazards, and ensure that installations are secure enough to withstand repeated use without failing.

Solar film for office

Why Window Films are an Excellent Answer for Your Business?

Solar film for office

When you need options that provide effective, inexpensive solutions to your building’s security and energy efficiency problems, you may not have considered window film. Modern film has come a long way from its predecessors which would bubble and curl over time. If you have a lot of glass on your building, you probably need solutions to overheating and UV damage on your decor. Solar film reflects back glare, protects from UV damage and reduces heat change. It can be used on its own or with many other window treatments.

Many Options in Window Film

What kind of performance do you need from your window film? Here are some options to consider:

  • There are virtually clear options that provide the same benefits without obstructing your view. If you need to keep your appearance while fixing problems in your building, this is an excellent way to achieving your goals.
  • May colors and shades are available to help you personalize your look. If you need to significantly reduce the amount of exterior light in your building or better blend to your decor, this options does a great job meeting your needs.
  • There are many different options in decorative films. Do you have a bad view, need more privacy or want to tweak the color in your room? Decorative films provide you with a world of options available to meet your goals.
  • Can’t decide what level of opacity in your film? New technologies like Liquid Crystal Switchable Film lets you switch from completely clear to completely transparent and back again. You can even use it as a projector screen, letting you get better use out of your space.

Benefits of Solar Film

What other benefits can you expect from window film? There are a lot of additional benefits you’ll discover when you put window film to work solving your building problems.

  • Solar film helps bring the interior and exterior appearance closer together.
  • Improve productivity in the office by reducing glare on computer screens, allowing your people to work faster and reduce work-related headaches and vision problems.
  • Achieve significant reduction in your energy bill by reflecting solar heat away from your building.
  • Get more privacy and security by adding a dark tint. A security window film helps hide what’s in your building to deter thieves.
  • You also get more security as the film adds additional strength to your windows, helping prevent breakage from storms and break-ins.