Stop Don’t Ignore Light When Choosing a New Home

When people look for a new home it is common for them to look at the layout of the house, the amount of closet space, number of bathrooms, and whether there are good schools in the area. As they go through this mental checklist, some forget to consider how the home handles light, but forgetting to consider this can make a big difference in how comfortable the home will be once you move in.


The Position of the House

When considering the natural lighting, or potential natural lighting of a home, it is important to look at the position of the house. This includes the direction that the house faces, but it also means taking into account what rooms are likely to get the most use. In general, a home that faces south will have direct sunlight for most of the day and will bring with it plenty of heat. When the house faces south, the sun comes in the back. It’s important to know these things when you are choosing where your bedroom is — it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the same place that the current owner has it.

The Right Amount of Windows

Most people like to have some light coming in from the sun, but not too much. A house with a few small windows can feel like a cave, but one with too many large windows can feel like you are sitting in a sun porch, and really hurt cooling bills. The extra sun can also damage furniture. It is a good idea to look for some sort of happy medium.

As you tour the house, you’ll be able to get a sense of the light situation and whether it feels too dark. The problem might be the layout of the house, or the size and placement of the windows. It might also be outside. If the yard is filled with trees and shrubs, some landscaping may do the trick in allowing the natural light to come in. If it is at all possible, ask to visit the house at different times of the day. This will help you get a sense of not only how the light is distributed in the morning, evening, or afternoon, but it will give you a better sense of the neighborhood as well.

Controlling the Light

When you are done house hunting and actually make the purchase, the lighting situation might not be ideal, so it is best to make the most of what you have. Outside landscaping can make an impact, but so can your choice of window coverings.

In California, motorized shading can be a viable solution, especially when considering windows in Ventura where a lot of sun can enter in and potentially raise energy bills or fade furniture. If it is especially bright, you might want to consider some level of window film that will act as “sunglasses” for the house that will still let in some light and allow you to see out, but will make it harder for neighbors to look in.

Privacy blinds that let light in is another option to consider. This option might be quicker and will allow you to enjoy and settle into the house right away. Blinds can be horizontal or vertical and made from several different materials that is sure to match your style. Shades are another option for controlling the light. Whichever is chosen, the best control comes with California motorized shading. By motorizing shades or blinds you can control the level of light from across the room without interrupting what you are doing. You can also make a plan with the help of your professional installer on how to set up automatic adjustments that will maximize the energy efficiency of the home,

solar screen shades

Using Solar Screens and Shades in Santa Barbara

Shades in Santa Barbara keep your home or place of business comfortable, but they can impact your view and appear dated. To get the most enjoyment from your home or office, while keeping climate control costs down, consider using solar screens or shades. This new type of window film blocks heat and glare, providing superior natural light management.

solar screen shades

Why Choose Solar Screens in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s warm weather can leave your home quite hot on sunny days. Yet closing traditional blinds or shades also means blocking out your lovely landscape. Because solar screens have a degree of transparency, they allow you to block out the sun’s glare without shutting out the view at the same time. They also:

  • Block UV light from entering your home and prevent furniture, rugs, and decor from fading due to UV exposure
  • Allow you to capture the sun’s heat when you want to warm your home and block it when you want to cool the home
  • Preserve your privacy
  • Reduce distracting glare and let you manage the amount of light coming through windows
  • Can prevent windows from being damaged by graffiti
  • Look discreet to preserve the appearance of your home or place of business

How Solar Screens Work

The window film type of solar screen is applied directly to your window glass, unlike window shades which do not directly touch your window. Because you can find solar film in different degrees of transparency and varying colors, it’s easy to customize the look and feel of these to your home. In general, light-colored solar screens provide better heat management, while dark-colored solar films offer superior glare management and privacy protection.

Once you install solar screens in Santa Barbara homes or offices, you can literally flip a switch to turn the film from opaque to transparent as needed. Some types of solar film can also be used as projector screens, allowing you to screen home movies or show slideshows or video conferences in a corporate setting.

With these shades Santa Barbara homeowners can enjoy reduced home cooling bills, due to less solar glare inside the home. Over time, the cost savings can allow you to recoup the initial price of the shades and begin saving money.

Customizable and environmentally conscious, these shades make Santa Barbara weather easy to control for while preserving the aesthetics of your home or business environment. It’s easy to see why they’ve become a popular option for homes or businesses when remodeling.

Slim Down, Shape Up Your Windows with ‘Skinny’ Solar Shades

This fall, you can introduce a stylish new look at your home or business “windows on the world,” be Eco-friendly and protect your interiors all at the same time. Trading heavier window treatments and blinds for the minimal look and high function of energy efficient solar shades is a way to incorporate modern design and demonstrate your environmental awareness while reducing glare and offering UV protection in modern interiors.

Solar Shades Suitable for Home or Office

The beauty of these stylish and sophisticated window coverings is in their versatility and adaptability. Commercial roller shades are designed and fabricated to blend seamlessly into the background, providing a pleasant complement for the workspace window. In a business setting, they are the equivalent of a well-tailored suit, available in dozens of appropriate materials to add long-lasting durability and good looks.  When natural light is important, and some view of the out-of-doors is desirable, a light-filtering, translucent fabric is a perfect choice.

Options for automatic remote operation are available for large expanses of glass, and provide a good solution for firms with multiple offices in cases where exterior and interior uniformity is desirable. Reducing solar gain and controlling air conditioning costs can be a major budgetary consideration during the hot summer months, and the demonstrated efficiency of solar shades can play a major role in keeping interior environments pleasant even in winter.

Get Maximum Benefits

Realize the green benefits of modern window options with flex-shades such as Draper roller shades that:

  • can be motorized to adjust for shade and light as the sun travels through the day
  • are manufactured to stringent environmental standards in fabric and construction
  • are designed to keep the workplace healthy with no harmful components
  • save energy because of inherent light and heat-reflecting properties

Available Options Make Customization Easy

Today’s commercial roller shades are available with many operational options as well as a wide variety of fabric choices. In addition to the light and heat-reflection, choose from translucent and opaque fabrics to filter light, reduce glare, and eliminate UV rays. Pick total blackout shades for specific needs, and find colors and weaves to blend or contrast with office or home decor. All fabrics are completely fire-resistant as well.

Ease the task of selection and decision-making by enlisting a firm with proven experience in the field. Our in-house design consultants will guide you in your search for green alternatives, and can suggest the best, most cost-effective solutions for your needs.

How to Get Ready for Summer with Solar Screen Shades, How Do They Really Work?

Getting out of the house and onto the beach is central to what living in Malibu, California is all about, But being prepared is important, and that means staying protected. Its second nature of many Californians to grab their sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen before heading out the door, but in a place like Malibu, sun damage can happen indoors as well. That’s why Malibu solar shades have become so popular in the city. Not only do solar screen shades from Arjay’s protect the people who live in Malibu and surrounding areas, but they protect things inside your home as well. Here’s a little information about how they work.

In many ways, Arjay’s solar screen shades work a lot like any other shades you might buy. They are made of either light or dark colored fabric, and can be adjusted in various positions either up or down the windows in your home. But unlike conventional shades, solar screens let you experience the sun in your home without feeling like you are hiding from the world.

Versatility of Malibu Solar Shades

Solar screen mesh shades are able to control various amounts of heat and light, and are classified according to several thermal and optical factors including density, solar absorbance, solar reflectance, visible light transmittance, solar transmittance, and shading coefficient. Depending on your needs and preferences, Arjay’s screens are available in both light and dark fabrics.

With a dark fabric, approximately 95% of visible light is blocked by the fabric. With its higher solar absorption and lower visible light transmission, much of the heat and light that would otherwise enter into your home is absorbed, which not only reduces the amount of glare in your home, but can also help keep your cooling costs down. Light fabrics focus more on reflecting heat, while letting in more light. The view through these shades is much like sheer drapery, and allows more daylight to enter your home without the intense glare that happens when shades are completely open.

Your Health and Comfort

For many, both dark and light Malibu solar shades are beneficial in their homes. You may want a good deal of light coming into a kitchen, bathroom, or sunroom in your house, but may prefer the extra light diffusion in a bedroom, or a family room where you may be watching television or reading while facing the window. Either types of shades are adjustable, so they can be adjusted to let in however much heat and light as is appropriate for the circumstance.

While solar screen shades from Arjay’s are great for reducing cooling costs when it is hot and sunny, even Malibu can have its cooler days in the winter, and it is good to have the flexibility to allow the extra heat in during those days. Depending on which shades you choose, your home can be shielded from up to 99% of UV rays, which can contribute to skin cancer, cataracts, premature aging, and even compromise your immune system. These rays can also fade colors and wear out the furniture in your home through photodegeneration.

On so many Malibu summer days, you wouldn’t think of stepping out the door without your sunglasses. You can have the same protection inside with our solar shades. Contact us to determine which type is right for you.