Birds Crashing into Windows is a Big Problem; You Can Help

If you thought there was potential trouble around every corner, you might be inclined to pay extra attention to what’s sneaking up on you from the side in order to prevent an attack. In general, birds are designed for this. Unlike humans, their eyes are placed on the side of their head where they can use them to watch for natural predators or look for food. In the natural world, this goes a long way towards keeping birds safe. In a world with human infused obstacles, such as windows, this becomes dangerous. According to an expert at the American Bird Conservancy, close to a billion birds die each year by crashing into windows simply because they don’t see them.

Why Birds Crash into Windows

  • A bird’s forward vision gives them a general idea of where he is going, but he’s easily fooled by reflections.
  • When windows reflect natural safe places, such as trees and shrubs, a bird may interpret this as a potential home or a place to grab a snack only to find himself in a head on collision.
  • Adding to this problem is the fact that city lights tend to attract migrating birds.
  • Cities of course, are filled with building with lots of windows, which leads to more crashes, when all the birds want is something to eat after a long flight.

This reality has gotten the attention of many architects who are designing more buildings with glass that used patterns of closely spaced dots in order to reduce the reflective nature of glass so the windows are easier to see. They are also creating designs with less glass to lower the risk to the birds.

How Homeowners Can Help

Of course, the buildings downtown aren’t the only ones with potentially dangerous windows. Residential homes have plenty of glass that threatens the birds. In most areas, clear glass is the default for home windows, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many homeowners are picking up on window fashion trends, not just to save the birds, but to bring an attractive look to their homes, add privacy, and reduce energy costs.

Decorative film has become a popular choice for window fashions that will make windows themselves less reflective. These window fashions come in varying degrees of reflectivity, and are beneficial to both birds and people in many ways. In addition to preventing bird crashes, they

  • Keep harmful UV rays from entering the home and fading the furniture.
  • Reduces glare off the television and other surfaces,
  • Reduces the amount of heat from the sun,
  • Lowers air conditioning bills.
  • Available in colored tints in varying levels of reflectivity
  • Can project images onto the window.

Homeowners that prefer more traditional window fashions can help by pulling down their blinds or leaving them partially open. Those looking for the latest in window fashion trends as well as practical protection in Southern California can find a wide selection of window coverings to suit their style and budget at Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura, California. Since 1975, Arjay’s has provided the latest quality window treatments throughout the area.